Alexander Bortech

for the fourth day in Belarus continue the rallies and protests that the locals are coming out to Express their disagreement with victory in the presidential election the current leader of the country Alexander Lukashenko. Over the past day law enforcers have detained about 700 people, after which night the protesters staged a peaceful demonstration against violence by law enforcement officials, during which he lined up in the “chain of solidarity”.

the Events taking place these days in Belarus, do not leave indifferent representatives of other States. For example, today in support of the protesters in his instagram commented the famous Hollywood actor Jared Leto. Along with him his opinion about what is happening in Belarus shared Tatiana Navka, Danila Kozlovsky and many other Russian stars.

Alexandra Bortech

it is Obvious that some had stayed and he had to go. Belarusians! Strong, brave, incredible! You deserve the truth, which is fighting for now, and I believe that you will achieve it. Love can not be. Long live Belarus (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved. — Approx. ed.).

Alexander Bortech

Tatiana Navka

the Latest news from Belarus not leave anyone indifferent! It hurts me to see what is happening there now, especially since I represented this country at two Olympic games. Love the people and heat-treat him, so I’d like to go there everything is okay and come to peaceful life. I’m not an expert in sociology and political science, but, in my opinion, it is important on the one hand not to succumb to provocations, and on the other hand, to find the words and be able to talk to people. Hoping for a swift peaceful solution. Tatiana Navka

Danila Kozlovsky

Technically I’m from another country, a policy that I was interested in sporadically. First, I don’t politekspert and little in the know, second, sort of, is not your business to comment on the political life of another state. With his to understand. I do not presume to comment on the elections, although I agree with the idea that if 80 percent support the incumbent President, on the streets, as a rule, holiday festivities, and the winner goes boldly to the people, shakes hands, etc. But what is happening now in Belarus, dumbfounded people, even very far from politics. When in the streets, beaten with batons, stun grenades used moving trucks living persons, shooting at the balconies of residential homes, maimed children, it is not a question of political belief, not a question of a single President or leader of the opposition. I am convinced that no political system, including democracy, does not have such a “great commander.about sense” to justify the blood and violence.

When the current President calls “sheep,” his people, who came to the street to peacefully Express their views on the elections, and in response pulls smoothly organized by riot police and a dozen law enforcement agencies, in this second policy, as such, ceases to exist. Passed the point of no return. On the streets of this beautiful country a reign of terror, to scare, to shut, to shock. In the end, to destroy any dissent. To break. But what we see in Belarus? The power of the state machine with its law enforcement against people who are not afraid to take to the streets, overflowing with Riot police and the KGB. Women who are clasping hands endless human chain with flowers, in protest against violence by security forces. Workers who are not afraid to stop production workshops, at the risk of losing their jobs, but to stand up and Express their attitude to what is happening.

the Nurses and doctors who just go with the bandages where the blood to stop it, and it doesn’t matter which you side. The incredible people of this small but strong countries such! Peace, good people! Belarus, you’re beautiful! God grant that all this soon ended. God grant that no more blood was shed.

Maxim Vitorgan

Calm, serenity, smooth sound of the river… Like nothing happens… At work for a couple of days in these places. The Internet is not everywhere, but at the first opportunity to climb to watch the news from Belarus. Events occur very important. We observed (and Belarusians oppose) the formation of the state of fascism (I don’t really like throwing that word around, but in this case, I am sure it was him). He has traits in common with Hitler’s Nazism, but also has its peculiarities. Belarus, hold on! Belarus, live! Victory will be yours!
Maxim Vitorgan

Tina Kandelaki

he showed that the analog politicians in the modern world will be very hard to beat. Over 26 years in power he used to control, through obedience, which means. It is not meant. This world is over. The people need to speak and need to hear. Given the fact that in Belarus, as we do, all messengers and social networks of the West, with people talking to other people.

Lukashenko is not Yanukovych. He has a huge margin of safety. He’s not going anywhere because, unlike Yanukovych, he is confident they will give an order about the suppression of protest.

Now about allies of Lukashenko. Of course, this power unit, in which it has been mtion of investment, including for the hour X. Here he is, in fact, arrived. Betray? I don’t think. But do not rule. Still, the demand for new power is in all layers of society.

And, of course, from this situation all will be to extract dividends, as it does Nexta. More incitement, more hype, more subscribers. Even if it comes at the price of life and health of other subscribers. Think of them as infantry, you are willing to put in the flow.

And now a question: whether at least one human life that Lukashenka was gone?

I think that it is not necessary. The process is running, and fight for a new Belarus better in a peaceful way. Tina Kandelaki

Natalia Podolskaya

you say why, they say, do not comment… what is there to comment? A lot of pain. For all of them. For lyudei. For all the people. Very. That’s all,

— written by Natalia, who herself hails from the Belarusian city of Mogilev.

Natalia Podolskaya


the Singer Vera Brezhneva, who was born in the Ukraine, did not find words to Express my reaction to what is happening in Belarus, however, still supported all the victims of bloody protests of local residents, published in their storis frag, painted in the colors of the national flag, the protesters in the country.