Billy Iles hunted after photos in swimsuit

Even the world famous star can in a minute turn into a pariah, all you will need is Instagram and not the best video. About what happened to singer Billy Iles, as it turned out, in the early years it literally announced the persecution.

As the actress told the publication Dazed, in January it published in his Instagram account some videos from vacation in Hawaii. For them it is almost for the first time, fans seemed in a swimsuit, which caused a very mixed reaction.

The video quickly came to the trends and began to collect negative, and all the swimsuit, which you can see part of a breast Iles. Fans immediately turned into haters, because previously the hallmark of the singer was baggy clothes and literally no one knew what was under it.

“There were comments like: “I don’t like her anymore because after 18 years, she has become a whore” — said Ailes reporters.

About the same reaction she received in response to photos in a body-hugging t-shirt. So it can be disappointing conclusion that fans of the singer in awe of her work only as long as it completely hides your shape under baggy clothes.