June 25 Bali cremated 18-year-old Anastasia Tropical, which crashed on the bike. The tragedy of the blogger with millions of viewers polukilogrammovye resonance. Meanwhile, the victim’s parents were looking for options how to get to Bali to see her daughter. To fly to the funeral of Nasti have failed, we told the girl’s father. Meanwhile, the driving instructor bike Victor, who blamed the death Tropical, was the player of the one hanging out with Alex Leslie.

within a few days the followers Tropical left more than 50 thousand comments on her page under concise post, which left his mother dead.

the same day the boyfriend of Anastasia, a driving instructor bike Victor, posted a video on his page in Instagram. The man sobbed on camera, asked sympathizers to meditate, to pray for the dead. He added that a “contactee” has conveyed to him the wishes from the dead: “Nastya asked us not to suffer but with all the subscribers it will continue to communicate.”

After the death of Anastasia Tropical the number of subscribers has increased dramatically. Human curiosity knows no bounds. In review subscribers popular blogger was out for blood. Some have accused the Victor, the other was to blame for carelessness very nasty, and still others blame parents that they didn’t know his daughter.

We contacted the father of the deceased.

– We didn’t understand how we get to Bali. Direct flights there, and no, – says the father of Anastasia. – We contacted the Embassy, but they redirected us to the ritual agent. It seems to have found the plane. But for the flight we were told the amount of 18 thousand euros. We do not have such money. So to get the body back to his homeland failed. To say goodbye to your daughter can not.

the number 25 Anastasia cremated in Bali without us. As I understand it, the local police investigation into the tragedy is also not engaged.

After the death of Anastasia, it was reported that her card tried to withdraw money. Friends of the family believe that the funds have attempted to get friends of the deceased who were with her on the island. Parents card blocked.

– We don’t know who tried to withdraw money from the card Nastia, but was able to clarify who was the same Victor who taught her to drive the bike and seemed a young man Nastya – said a friend of the deceased. The man was engaged in a truck – these people know the art of professional seduction. So to get 18-year-old girl turned out to be a piece of cake.

Check out the information about this fact was not difficult. Type in a search engine the name of the instructor of the deceased – Victor Board. Falls first link is an interview men, which he gave in February 2018. It turned out that Victor was familiar to the self-proclaimed sex guru Alex Leslie and his scandalously known to ward Nasty Fish, who were suspected of organizing sex workshops in Thailand.

Quote Victor: “we Have a common party, all came to rest, chat. We were hotel in Pattaya. In the hall, which hosted meetings, was stolen to the police selectively arrested 8 persons for extradition to Russia. About 35 people let go.”

In the social network VK kept community trainings on seduction, which led assistants Leslie. There we found the correspondence of Victor with a mentor. The Board daily reports about his exploits – how many women he managed to seduce.

Here are more details of the said former friend Victor: “unfortunately, I was familiar with this man. In 2016, October-November, he lived with a friend in the hostel where I worked. According to them, they were able to attend some business conference. In the evening we talked in the kitchen.

motorcycle Victor went for a long time, but as an Amateur, not an instructor. He told me about spirituality, said I – the embodiment of earthly angel, wove about my aura, they were told that I was special. In short, the ears go APE shit.

I Admit that she bought the same compliments. Myself, Victor said, that I was in the sect of Jehovah’s Witnesses (banned in Russia MK). Invited me to go with him to Thailand. I was 18 years old. As I understand it, this man deliberately chose young girls with immature brains. Very sorry Anastasia, who caught him on the hook.”

Friend of the deceased, Anastasia Michael, who said the girl’s parents about her death, too, posted a video on the tragedy. The young man pointed out that to Victor, he has a dislike, but his guilt in the tragedy there.

Recall that according to the official version Tropical lost control of the motorcycle, which crashed into the barrier. On the bike it “hoisted” to the Victor, who boasted of his rich experience of the instructor. He helped the girl choose a bike to buy. At the time of the accident she was without protective clothing.

Parents on his page wrote that she cremate the 25th. Indicated that photos and videos do ban out of respect for his daughter. But I have not heard them. Members are prepared to observe the funeral of blogger live. Hundreds of people wondered where they will stream to be able to connect.