the Council of Federation of trade unions of Ukraine demands to dismiss an MP from the ruling party “servant of the people”, the head of the parliamentary Committee for social policy and protection of the rights of veterans Galina Tretyakov her words about the unemployed. About it writes “Strenia”.

Tretyakov in social networks expressed as to the value of state unemployment benefits for families. According to the Deputy, recipients of financial assistance decide to give birth for the sake of payments, which leads to the appearance of children “very low quality”.

the Head of the parliamentary Committee also praised the practice of sterilization of women without higher education used in Singapore in the last century.

Another proposal Tretyakova to improve the social situation in Ukraine related to payments of taxes. The MP believes that such “inclined to philanthropy” citizens like herself, should be released from these obligations, so that they themselves decide who to help financially, and monitor the expenditure of funds.

By the end of may the service of employment of Ukraine registered more than half a million unemployed citizens. This is 67 percent more than a year ago. Many people lost their jobs due pandemic coronavirus, particularly affected those who worked with migrant workers in Europe unofficially.