In the already distant 2013 “ZD” went on the field Petra-Dubrava near Samara at the festival “Rock nad volgoy”, which brought together about 300 000 people to listen to performances of Russian and foreign musicians. Then he walked for the last time, and this year the organizers suddenly announced his triumphant renewal. Papa Roach, “Mumiy Troll”, Zemfira and other rock stars was to light on stage in front of a dancing crowd. When it became clear that the pandemic event in this format can not be hold, the organizers began to think about alternative option. It was decided to hold a rally under a slightly modified title – “Rock on the Volga”. With its unusual concept.

in the Middle of the Volga barge-mounted huge stage where three hours were two headliner domestic alternative to group “spleen” and “Bi-2”. The online broadcast was conducted on several online platforms and collected 6 million viewers. In addition, for thousands of lucky winners of the contest in social networks, a special online platform – artists can see them on the big screen in front of him instead of the usual audience on the field. The broadcast was carried out with the effect of real presence – in the mode of 360 degrees. Concerts in this format have practiced “Leningrad”, “Tarakany!”, “Chaif”, “Chizh”, “Pelageya”, Vyacheslav Butusov and other artists. It allows the audience to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of what is happening, even being at the computer monitor. In the current environment it is more than urgent, we have to learn to live in a new reality. People during the performances was the opportunity to support the charity Fund Konstantin Khabensky, who helps children and adults with cancer and other serious diseases of the brain by sending a donation.

Spectators from all over the world not only saw the band and listen to their sets, but were also able to ask questions live. The focus, of course, was the quarantine and how it was carried out by the performers. The permanent leader “the spleen” Alexander Vasilev has decided not to mention it. In fact, I think he was not really in the mood and not particularly disposed to talk, even with his counterpart – the host of the event Oleg Garkusha from the legendary “Auktyon”. But Garkusha, being a friendly mimic who does not offended and even went unchanged in his white suit and gloves to dance on stage for one of the songs team. However, the cheerful songs this time were not so many – “My heart” and “ay lov Yu!”. Other evergreens played “Bonnie and Clyde”, not less dramatic “the creeps”, the curtain is symbolic – “no Exit”, which is a team made up of hard punk-rock improvisation. “So many years have passed, and still no output”, – concluded Vasiliev. True sounded and lines from the song “the Important thing” from the album “Secretly”, which was released late last year: “the Whole process is a vicious circle, it is a vicious cycle. TV, radio, press and the entire Internet in a circle repeating the same story, which shows that the less survivors than victims.” With this disc the performers played the song “balloon” flying “like fire” are metaphorical and not less bright. Not without a “Rider”, where “is eager to win the rider of copper, stood up on its hind legs” from the album “Resonance. Part 1”.

Bi-2, of course, played his podkarantinnoy new single “the Depression” with the refrain: “Coming from the house of hopeless depression. As long as we were not together so fun.” The Director recently presented the clip on it was Max Shishkin, who also shot the video for the song “Inferno”, released in the beginning of the year. She also performed at the concert: “Christ languishes under investigation, waiting for a verdict for two thousand years. Greedy power – a natural disaster, a hell from which there is no salvation”. Continuing the theme of musicians also performed the song “Black sun”, the video for which Loew played Nicholas II, and Alex – the leader of the Reds. Slightly gloomy mood filled the Whiskey, danced to “philosopher’s stone” and “Likes” – it’s topical, but not so hopeless. From an old – sang “Eternal ghostly counter” of course, “barbarian”, the traditional “Colonel”, “Silver”, “My rock-n-roll”, final Shura staged improvisation, singing to the tune of the songs are lines from various well-known compositions by fellow “I paint lips Shoe Polish I adore black color” (“Agatha Christie”), “from old friends news no – sad” (“Chaif”), “how lucky you are – my bride” (“Mumiy Troll”). It seems the rockers have been a bit sad to speak to empty space, knowing that the fans are on the other side of the monitor, although they tried to joke, saying that during the quarantine already used to go to the site in an online format. Nevertheless, a lively exchange of energy at the festival, of course, does not replace any network, even global. It remains only to wait and believe that in the near future artists and audiences will return to this communication.