Pandemic COVID-19, the crisis and the restrictions encourage restaurant owners to seek new markets. So, the cafe “Anderson” has partnered with AliExpress, starting to put on a platform your pastry. In the future this may allow to “Anderson” to enter the Chinese market.Cafe Anastasia Tatalovi Anderson has partnered with AliExpress Russia about this “Kommersant” reported in “Anderson”. The representative of AliExpress Russia confirmed the fact of cooperation. For sale on site there were 20 items from the network: pies, cakes, cookies and cupcakes. In the future, “Anderson” intends to include in the range of online retailer all of your meals. In AliExpress noted that they began to develop product lines only a few months ago, mainly on the platform of the goods of long storage. The site already has products from “Auchan”, “Bean”, “Tape”, etc. “We plan to expand our product direction: invest in new Russian producers and sellers in order for buyer to associate us not only with buying clothes or electronics, but also food products,”— says commercial Director of special categories AliExpress Sergey Grechin. According to Ms. Tatalovi, the future partnership with AliExpress can afford to “Anderson” to enter the Chinese market.Network “Anderson” was founded in 2009. According to the register, Anastasia Tatulova own 95% of LLC “Tirolerhof”, which manages the network. The rest of the Lolita holds Khaydarov. According to its own data, in 2018, the network “Anderson” received a 2.2 billion worth of sales.In recent months, in the direction of the grocery retail went a non-traditional for this market players, including clothing marketplace Lamoda, the co-founder of the Agency Data Insight Boris Ovchinnikov. “Of all the new players on the market of food delivery AliExpress can be unexpected from the point of view of the perception of buyers. It is as far from the classical representation of the place where you can buy such products,” he says.Network “Anderson” develops the retail direction 2019 — then Anastasia Tatulova reported negotiations with X5 Retail Group (“Pyaterochka”, “Perekrestok” and “Karusel”), as well as online retailer “Utkonos”. Of the supply network “the Crossroads” “Anderson” done only in the spring of this year, at the moment the company’s products and on the court and also on the websites of the networks “Azbuka Vkusa”, “Coswell” service delivery “Scooter”.Nikita Sharenkov