In the new Comedy with a long name “the Musical contest “Eurovision”: the Story of a group of Fire Saga”, released on one of the largest American chiropractor a couple of days ago, with a fair share of mockery, sarcasm and lyrical humor tells of a trip to the international song contest a fictional Icelandic band. The main role of the second plan and the main competitor of Icelanders – Russian singer billionaire Alexander Nemcova – played by English actor Dan Stevens. The star of modern cinema has made a noise expressive singing and choreography in a production of “beauty and the Beast” and the role of the ill-fated aristocrat Matthew Slowly in the top series “the Abbey Downton”. The actor admitted in an interview that the prototype was “a powerful pop-operetta the image of the real Russian Megastar Phillip Kirkorov”.

In the film, so well replace the failed due to pandemic a real contest “Eurovision 2020”, which even its creators could not have foreseen when he made his movie, and now it remains only to thank them podfartilo bessovestnoi bat out of Wuhan, mixed everything in the oblonskys ‘ house – truth and fiction. Fictional participants in the contest are diluted with very real winners and participants from previous years – Netta, Alexander Rybak, Jamal, Salvador Sobral, Loreen, Conchita Wurst, and others. Their collective mash-up of the most well-known is usually played has a chance to break the charts worldwide.

the Writers mock even “moving” competition in Scotland, which in the context of the last places that’s usually at the Eurovision song contest is conquering Britain, looks more than a mocking joke. However, American humor, despite all the recent troubles with the so-called “political correctness”, yet, fortunately, does not suffer from a lack of cynicism and very sophisticated mockery of all and Sundry. Our most raspaltsovannyh comedyclub, torashima and wad often nowhere, to cry and to weep.

“it Was so much fun!, – admitted last Sunday Dan Stevens in an interview with major Eurovision blogu, I received incredible pleasure from my hero in this musical Comedy”. Explaining how he was in character, the actor said: “I watched a lot of “Eurovision”, as the artists, as they are removed, all the cameras in the arena. It’s an interesting job, because now I live in America and tell Americans about the Eurovision song contest, about which they heard nothing, a little weird. It is quite difficult to not speak about obvious things, but it is a wonderful and really incredible role.”

Turning to the actual image of Russian singer Nemcova Mr. Stevens, from the soul laughing, admitted that “this is largely based on the Russian singer, Philip Kirkorov megastars” with him, asn put it, “Opera-pop style.” The actor even described the vocal characteristics of his prototype, “loving to force the high notes, while others stretch beyond belief”, and admitted that he was sometimes “hard” to play it in the recording of the soundtrack. Dan spoke in detail about the “elegant costumes of gold and luxury that surrounds himself with narcissistic star billionaire, who even concocted their own statues in Greek style, cleave to him, expressive of the size of the penises.”

With the statues “decorating” the film Russian party, went, meanwhile, funny story: the face of Dan Stevens specifically removed plaster mask, and for the penis used the most popular examples of “body parts” from the Los Angeles sex shops. Pumped torsos appropriately copied from the ancient Greek “prototype”. And if in the manner of playing the actor sometimes literally zero reproduced “pop-operetta” Kirkorov, the naked statue with nice penises Horny Conchita Wurst, who after the shooting is still begging for Dan “to send her one in memory”.

“MK” don’t know gnawed the latest underwear Dima Bilan and Sergey Lazarev after the stories of Hollywood celebrities, but the fact remains: the creators of the film used is not the so-called “collective image” of Russian singer at the Eurovision, even though most of the rest was just a collective, but a very specific character. And last year at the contest “Eurovision 2019” in tel Aviv, where it was held parallel to the shooting of this film, swept the rumor that the prototype of the Russian singer as Lazarev. So he must be doubly a shame, because she was now forever imprinted not he, but a man.

on the other hand, perhaps, on the contrary, only relief of the cross, since the singer Alexander Lemov more transparently depicted than hidden gay. And here I must be only crazy Kirkorov, so as not to be embarrassed because other drop heart in my mouth every sound and fearful of mimicry, pretending to not understand why. And this, of course, fun.

– the Role is very funny, suppressing laughter, shared with Philip “W.” impressions just watched the movie – He’s so secretly gay. And Icelandic it right asked: “Tell me, Alexander, you’re gay?”. I wonder what will be the continuation of the dialogue? And he said: “I? No, of course! I’m Russian!”. This phrase just killed me, was demolished. I laughed so hard I was rolling. Very funny. So everyone can sigh with relief that this gay has written off not with them. Was, as always, I am, and they generally will not hit… Although Russian is not a negative character.

You really didn’t know about the whole background with the prototype to interview Stevens.

– No sleep, nand spirit! Sit, not bothering anyone, they say. And then suddenly in the morning it begins: calls-calls, all from overseas. America calling England… NBC, CBS, USA Today, BBC… my God, I think, what is it? Turns out I inspiration (inspiration), you know, this Dan Stevens. And I look and laugh because really I guys copied. The external image took from George Michael with his hair, what Dan also said in an interview, and suiting the image and demeanor with me. But still depicted the “mafia” communication with the Greek delegation. This Greek-Russian line they have powerfully held.

– Studied, apparently, your whole background?

– It background. Someone specifically knew about my Affairs. It’s so funny. Even on the lapel I have a barrette with a crown is, I usually put on a gold suit Dolce-labanowski. And even that hairpin pinned, gold suit did ballet this half-naked, my gaze into the camera. And from the scene of the Russian’s party, you can go under the table – gold, caviar, wine glasses, champagne. And I am home – I go between these delegations. Everything as it was in Portugal! If I were looking, written, informed. Just thoroughly. And this image with the song Lion of Love (“lion of Love”) – right Kirkorov-Kirkorov, Yes, exaggerated, of course, comedic. But how else? Famous in General.

even more imprinted in history. Stay in all of Hollywood files…

– Understand! We had so many years to give the “Eurovision” to become the prototype of a role in a Hollywood movie. Children ask for the third time this movie to watch. You say, “how about the Eurovision!” I swear to you. For a whole day. Blood, probably, passed.

– of Course, that’s not a children’s movie…

They differently see it. We adults focus on one and children on the other. I did not notice at first, and the kids suddenly start yelling: “grandpa, Grandpa!”. Indeed, it is Bedros with a flag with the inscription “Russia” in the room closeup. They rented turns out to be at last year’s Eurovision song contest in Israel. Did podsypku hall atmosphere. And Bedros, together with Elias (Rakotoson, Greek producer from Kirkilovskoye team DreamTeam – approx.”MK”) are in the frame. There are a lot of funny moments. Of course, an absolutely stupid movie, but in a good way stupid. Will Farrell (contractor role the main role of “the awkward Icelander” Lars Erikssona – approx. “MK”) all the wacky Comedy, the imagery is terribly ironic, not in vain, he still the leading American comedian.

In General, you regard it as a day of triumph!

– a Triumph tomorrow would be. Once again – the birthday of Martin… glad that no wonder given many years to this competition. I didn’t become Chairman of “Eurovision”, but the main role in a movie about Eurovision scratched. Took at least so starve. I’m notwhy didn’t nobody told me. On the one hand, it’s nice, on the other hand, already the eggs are gray, and all the “Eurovision”, you know. But it remained in memory. It turns out, as I penetrated their minds with this picture – Philip Kirkorov from Russia. Here’s 17 where all making fun of me, and it happened like 15 times in a row won… This film, some no, and will remain in history. At least due to the fact that, ironically, he replaced the competition of 2020. For sure, next year on “the Eurovision 2021” will be a flashback associated with this movie – absolutely sure…

– And, it seems, can not do there without a prototype, so inspired the Dan Stevens…