Actor mark Bogatyrev said that very soon they with Tatyana Arntgolts will become husband and wife. He did not name the exact date of the intended wedding, but said she already is preparing for the celebration.

According to star of the series “Kitchen” fans can expect posts about the upcoming wedding in the near future.

— This will happen very soon, — said Bogatyrev.

Other details of the upcoming wedding, he did not disclose, reports the edition “7 days”.

Arntgolts refuses to discuss with the press their personal lives, are therefore not commented on the preparations for the holiday.

The information that the lovers decided to get married, confirmed in March 2020. The artist admitted that he had made an important decision — he wants to make his wife actress.

Recall that Bogatyrev was not previously married, but was engaged. It is known that in 2015 it is planned to take away his chosen bride named Hope, but later changed his mind. Relationship with Arntgolts he started on the filming of the series “the Bait for the angel.” The first time lovers hide their affair from the public. That star together became known in December 2018. Then the actress first came to light with a new lover. And six months later after that, she presented the choice to my parents.

Her first husband was Arntgolts, Ivan Zhidkov. Married to him she gave birth to a daughter Masha.