A bit has Hansi Flick Bayern but then stew and not equal to the first-best hung suspended filler and the offer of a contract graced with his autograph. He has shown that he knows his worth, that he does not want to sell this. He has made demands, wanted a right of veto over Transfers, and he has proven to be also unequivocally the strength that you need to have in the alpha-cages of the FC Bayern, this is usually followed by a very Darwinian rules, a chance of Survival.

Ask at the Flick’s predecessor, Niko Kovac, came to you only as a replacement for the replacement of the favorite solution Jupp Heynckes. Flick, however, has the same Format and a wide chest shown.

Flick has the vote of confidence

Now earns Flick has received a contract to 2023 This is a Statement. Of him, but also to the Association. You believe in a common future beyond day-to-day business. It is a vote of confidence. The has earned Flick also. He has taken a team that was ready to go after a real game idea panting, in the Kovac grown hierarchies, violently. There was no direction, no clear goal. Successes – and the Double was a success – not just justify everything.

Flick, with its down-to-earth nature, his Vision of an attractive, Bavaria, football, his ability as a star Whisperer perform, the team is United, the bosses convinced.

The contract now, the right decision for all of the pages – it’s the Hansi-Era at Bayern.

This article was written by Matthias Kerber

*The post “Bayern extended with a Flick: published Hansi-Era” of the evening newspaper. Contact with the executives here.

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