Many people like to go regularly to the hairdresser. Unfortunately, this is due to the ongoing Corona-crisis is currently not possible, the Salons stay at least until the 19th century. April closed.

straight-cut, long hair is the top is not cut well. However, as the looks on other hair cut or short hairstyles from? Tamara Nedic (30), the Creative Director of the hair salon Valentino, has for Amateur barbers the right tips to hair cut succeed at home. In the ideal case, you better have patience and leave the hair styling to a professional.

A Pony (after-)cut

cut “A Pony is fine work,” says Nedic to VIEW. Best to cut this hairstyle with dry hair and in the natural direction of fall. So you can see better how short or long the strands are. The hair a a well-sharpened scissors cut should be used.

And this is how it works:

Who dares, his bangs to cut or not to cut themselves out of boredom, a new Pony, the compartments should be at the front of the head a sort of triangle from the hair. “You can Orient yourself on his cheekbones,” advises the Coiffeuse.The rest of the hair should not be pinned, in order not to disturb the Cut.”Optimal Pony is always in the middle is slightly shorter and is on the side of slightly longer,” says Nedic. The Pony will be divided into three parts: a Central and two side parts. The middle part of the cutting section of Hair to hold between two fingers as flat as possible on the forehead, explains the expert. There you begin with the Cutting and could work on the basis of this base to the sides. Lace trim at levels

Also, this hairstyle should be cut rather dry. Nedic advised against it, to cut, in stages, even the tops, since the fit to the Transitions is an art in itself. “So please, just cut it, if the tips are really broken and thin.”

And this is how it works:

At the highest point of the back of the head is a thing of the past, a sort of rectangle to be divided, which alone is difficult and better by a second Person will be accepted. “The hair, you pulled up completely and cut it up straight,” explains the expert. “This is the guide line.”The entire front section of Hair one could customize according to Nedic by a Central peak is divided to the length of the guide line.With the rest of the back hair to go the same way – in the middle, and the first cut guide line to align.The front of the hair framing the face to be combed, “nice and straight” and “very fine” along the outer strands cut. Hair cut for men

“dear men, please do not alone cut!”, warns Nedic. A second Person, for example, the partner, to do this better. In addition, you need for men’s hairstyles, a hair-cutting machine.

And this is how it works:

First of all, get started with the cutting of the contours. This is already half the work.”Depending on the hair cut, you can cut the pages. You always start with a higher attachment to the hair-cutting machine, because of the Transitions,” says the expert. Then according to the needs of planer attachments can be selected from the Three deep conditioner recipes for yourself

make a Lot of money out to spend for special hair care. The ingredients for effective care to be found that is at home in the fridge.

For these 5 Beauty treatments you don’t have to wash, now’s the time

The hair for seven days? Is good for the forelock, but in a normal work week, you would never do that. However, while the Corona-crisis, you have now exactly the time for such things.

With these accessories, you now have the nice hair

in 2020, you can get around not to cliffs of accessories in the mane. These models are now popular.


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.