Communicator-in-chief of the army General Arslanova left under guards

According to investigators, Arslanov can be involved in two counts of theft of public funds, allocated under the government contracts. “Gone” the sums are impressive – 191 437 million 536 thousand rubles, and at least 6.5 billion, respectively.

Photo: Kristina Brazhnikova/TASS Bastrykin told what new units created in TFR

law enforcement officers also believe that, being at large, Arslanov actively opposing the investigation, influence witnesses and inclines them to give false testimony. And instructs his subordinates to positively characterize his work. Apparently, all these factors the court took into account, taking out the decision on prolongation of arrest of the General.

Arslanova was charged with fraud in especially large size ( part 4 article 159 of the criminal code) in October last year. Moreover, a criminal case, a defendant in which he became, was instituted in August 2013. Then investigators began to deal with the theft of money at the conclusion of the state contract on performance of works on maintenance and repair of special military equipment.

In a criminal case there pass also the former head of “Voentelekoma” Alexander Davydov, Deputy Oleg Savitsky and adviser to Dmitry Semiletov. And yet – the head of Department orders by improving the technical basis of the system of management of the Armed forces Pavel Kutakhov and Alexander Ogloblin from the Main Directorate of communication. Previously, they admitted their involvement in the theft of the money and testified on Arslanova. However, in later Kutahya and Ogloblin these words refused. The General pleads not guilty and claims that it is rigged, and it agreed.

In defense of the material claims to Arslanova to the verdict of the court has decided not to pursue. Moreover, according to some reports, the veracity of statements of General seems to be confirmed by checking him on a polygraph.