for five years Natalia Golubkova living in an absolute nightmare. Over the last 14 months she saw her little son Rodion only once and three times spoke to him on the phone. Her ex-husband Robert lovebirds prevents mother to communicate with the child.

Family detective, like action series with abductions, attacks and harassment, has repeatedly attracted media attention. Only the “MK” twice appealed to the twists and turns of the drama (“Family hell”, “Family hell-2”). It came to criminality — the daring theft of the child. But somehow mother absolutely changes nothing: she is alone fighting for the legal right to be with her son.

the Road from Moscow to the cottage settlement “Soldier” Natalia can find with your eyes closed. Here a three story building behind a high fence, her son Rodion. She rings the intercom, but the door does not open. All this is happening not in some exotic country, where reigns the Patriarchate, while in Russia, a few kilometers from the capital. It is amazing that the authorities who should protect the rights of the child, took the history of the position of non-interference.

Father Rodion had long referred to the quarantine kovida, but also to the epidemic of Natalia in the house of the son was not allowed under the pretext of mocking: “you Know, I only have two people guard. I need five people protection when you arrive. That’s when I will be able to provide five security guards, then you will be able to come. Yet to come can not!” — explained ex-husband on the phone.

you Hear that and imagine a champion in bodybuilding or throwing spears at least, but Natalia Golubkova — fragile, small, delicate woman, who herself needs protection. The only thing she is allowed to do — sometimes to throw over the fence toys for my son.

…”Redisca, I’m a year you’re looking for. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, spring now summer again soon. I’m very, very bored. I want you every night as a bedtime story to read, and in cars with you I want to play. And cake with you want to bake. Remember how we chocolate cake baked? And remember, we’re watching a movie about a robot valley, which the Earth, the planet, wanted to save?” And remember, we’re bombarded with asterisk talking to?..” (Telephone conversations with Natasha’s son.)

Indifferently to read transcripts of recordings of telephone communication of the mother with the child is impossible. Natalia is deprived of the possibility to tell the kid “good morning”, to put him to bed after an evening of tales… No hug, no kiss, no squeeze self — only day-to-day to dial the number, hoping to hear the voice of Rodion.

One day suddenly he will say that the door didn’t reveal anything because it came with the bandits. Or when the child ex-husband again, that she allegedly stuffed son of psychotropic ��tabletkami when they were in Israel. Of course, the kid does not understand the essence, but the words still imprinted in the memory: the mother did something bad…

but “bandits” is a friend of Natalia’s, who accompany her on these trips to the village. They witnessed the inaction of the officials from my childhood and mocking behavior of the father Rodion, which does not allow a mother to see son. All her attempts in a civilized way out of years of gridlock, suffer failure after failure.

In a full family, when he had a father and mother, Rodion spent only the first six months of his life. Then he turned into a living trophy, which is given to one parent, then another. And if Natalia, who fled from her husband with a baby in hand, not let father see son, Robert, apparently, wants the kid forgot his mother.

Fearing that more meetings may not be, she decided on a desperate act: took my boy in Israel, where her closest relatives. But the Israeli court, where the lawsuit asked Robert, decided, guided by the Hague Convention that the fate of Rodion needs to be addressed in Russia. At the airport “Sheremetyevo” there was an incident with the brawl, caught in a news story of the Federal channel. Natalia tried to take my son.

In Moscow, they settled in a rented apartment. Lived as in a besieged fortress. Fearing that the ex-husband will take her to Rodion, it turned into the invisible man: retired from social networks, changed mobile number, hired bodyguards. But one day something happened, something she feared more than anything:

— It occurred on 23 March 2019, around 16.30, when we with Rodion went out of his house by the Kozhukhovskaya street accompanied by a bodyguard. We were waiting for 6-7 people. Then I identified these two. They open accounts in social networks, they are the Champions MMA now are wanted: they are looking for questioning. Grabbed me, dragged dragged on the pavement and by force snatched the baby. Rodion was thrown like a doll in the car and drove away. I cried the whole yard: “Help! Call the police!” While riding outfit, cars with kidnappers and gone. Street cameras recorded the number of this car which was on duty at the house from 10 o’clock in the morning.

Natalie was in a state of shock and didn’t immediately notice that her feet torn in blood, and every movement spoke of severe pain in the hand. The shoulder joint was dislocated, torn ligament. She spent a week at the rehabilitation center.

I Asked her: how did you survive the abduction Rodion?

I felt as if we were at war. It lasted a fraction of a second. Rodion was so frightened, that was sobbing now, screaming, he could not.

Natalia filed a statement on search of the son that was kidnapped is unknown. In the police asked whom she suspects of committing a crime. She thinks the kidnappers probably were the father of the child, because her ex-husband, long been in conflict.

— two hours later, Robert got in touch, — says Natalya. — I was shown a video: the inhibited child sits on the carpet and all of my questions in a monotonous voice repeats: “so far so good”.

Only in January of this year the Investigative Committee of the southeastern administrative area brought criminal case on 126-th article of the criminal code of Russian Federation “Kidnapping”. The decision to Institute criminal proceedings stated that “unidentified persons, acting by a group of persons by prior conspiracy, attacked Golubkov N. And. and her son Rodion Golubkov, and then, acting pursuant to a single intent, using violence and holding Golubkov N. A. against the will of a minor by force, not giving him the opportunity to escape, deliberately put Golubkov R. R. in an unidentified car, illegally depriving the latter of freedom of movement and the possibility to independently determine the place of his further stay, and then together with the abducted person from the scene fled in an unknown direction.”

Natalia filed for the prosecution of her ex-husband. Despite the fact that the child after the abduction came to him, summoned and interrogated as a… witness.

— six Months I tried to negotiate with him about the settlement. Then I realized that it’s pointless, — with bitterness says the mother of Rodion. — Robert contact. But endlessly puts in Instagram photo, where Rodion in the mountains, on the sea. And in Thailand he drove, and Elbrus. But I was even informed not intended. Arriving in a country village, though the corner of my eye to see my son, I looked into the dark Windows of the house.

since past 7 months. Once at the next hearing, on October 31 last year, the judge asked indignantly Robert Golubkov: “How can you not give a mother to see the baby?” — he has unperturbably answered, that does not preclude communication, and then Natalia said, “right now?” Ex-husband had to consent.

— on the same day we went to the son with my members it on the threshold is not allowed, women are left to freeze on the street, — says Natalya.

Further events developed in the story of the Thriller. When the ex-wife gone, Robert forced her to undress to underwear. With the words: “And suddenly again a phone here?” — ordered to pay attorney things, bag and phone.

— Instead gave me a black tracksuit, recalls Natasha. — In the “waiting room” I saw a bigger monitor, where display images from security cameras installed around the perimeter. Not a house but a fortress.

But it all stopped for her mean anything, either, when went to meet her little boy, whom she had not seen for seven months. He took her by the hand, led her upstairs to his room: “Mom, I’ll show you everything!” She was so excited to hold a baby, take him in his arms, but she squeezed all the emotions in a fist so as not to frighten the child by an explosion of the senses. Only gently asked: “Can I hug you?” Rodion looked at dad, as if asking for permission. “Can I kiss you?” again, a quick glance in the direction of the father.

But in the game Rodion quickly thawed. As one minute passed the time. We built houses, cars played. Radiosa took the blanket, pulled between the sofa and Desk, made a tent and called me: “Mom, let’s hide?..” We sat with him in this little palatucci. Robert endured with a bored look: he never left me alone with my son. “Mom, come on, it’s a friend come to me!” — asked Rodion. I was so hoping that Robert will allow me to stay, to put his son to bed, but he said it was time for me to go… her voice shimmer with tears, and I know what kind of internal effort it took to control myself, not to break.

Meetings were no more, although the ex-husband promised her that he would not hinder communication. Natalia received one refusal after another: he has other plans, then no, that Rodion has dinner, does not want to talk to her… Before the New year, Natalia wrote to Robert miles SMS-messages — to no avail. Begged me to allow her to congratulate her son, the gift to pass on — it is useless. She came, but the door never opened.

Robert said guardianship, that will allow me to see the child no more than 6 hours a week in the presence of police officers. But it’s clear that the run is impossible: the bailiffs will not come on Saturday for 3 hours. We talked to her on the phone and via video link — says Natalia. Three times — a total of two hours. Then Robert said, what I can only call, saying that from the video at Rodion’s eyes hurt. We remembered how they played together once at ENEA crow stole a plastic Cup with honey. He had not forgotten.

Endless lawsuits, statements to the police, the juvenile Affairs Commission, the bailiffs, appeals to the state Duma deputies, ombudsmen in the fate of small Rodion, nothing changes. All attempts of the mother to find justice for the father of the child break the wall of bureaucratic inaction.

I see the reply signed by the Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Affairs of minors and protection of their rights to appeal Natalia Golubkova: “…Given the protracted domestic conflict (…) is not possible to confirm or refute the facts of hindrance to Your communion with the son from the Golubkov and R. J.”.

I Read and could not believe my eyes��. There are statements, there are more than ten, there are witnesses and recordings, and the offense — no!

On the basis of a writ of execution issued by the municipal court for the decision about determination of the place of residence of the child with the father and alimony, Natalia pays her ex-husband 100 thousand rubles per month for the maintenance of the son, but to see it.

— I have accumulated a whole bunch of bounce-backs from KDN, she says. — When did the quarantine coronavirus, Robert found the perfect excuse to exclude my encounter with the child.

Natasha, have you tried anything besides friends to bring law enforcement together with them to achieve on the spot to enforce its rights to enter the house to see the child?

— Repeatedly. Only once was the response to my calls and requests. 6 may I once again come to the village and see the wild picture: the Robert Rodion, sitting in front, both without helmets, at a decent speed on a motorcycle zigzagging meanders through the village… I was very scared, dial “112” and was just screaming. On the call arrived the inspector of division on Affairs of minors. Soon arrived and Robert.

We, along with Natasha watching the recording from the DVR. The major very politely informs Golubkova that the obstruction of the communication of mother to child contains evidence of the offense. “My goal is that she communicated with the child in the presence of the bailiff, as it is dangerous,” retorted Robert.

— He refused to give explanations in writing, to report to the police or to sign on the spot in presence of two witnesses drawn up, — says Natalya. Inspector drew up a Protocol on administrative offense. In response Golubkov wrote on inspector 6 applications — I think it’s a hundred times wished that all came. The Protocol result was almost cancelled. In the end, I got a summary that plunged me into shock: “the Body authorized to make procedural verification is not established, contrary to the interests of the child communicate with the parent living apart”… Why, for whatever reason, it turns out that all officials be on the side of her husband, — the impression is that they are afraid of or dependent on him. How’s my son?!!

By law, parents have equal rights, but in fact it only works in favor of someone who actually is a child. The guardianship and guardianship body and the Commission on Affairs of minors do not see any violations that the mother did not see son. They do not want to solve family disputes. The police also have no desire to intervene between the two.

In fact, it is the relationship of three — parents and their child. Rodion loves father and mother. He dreams that they all��natural will go to the sea.

At his age it is impossible to understand that family is long gone. There is a dad. And mom. Also separately.

When the crew of the Federal channel, preparing the plot of this story, came to the village “the Soldier”, the door they opened. The intercom came the voice of the judge: “This is my mother?” Even accustomed to all journalists intercepted the heart.

He throws himself on every call. He’s waiting for mom.

unfortunately, to review Robert Golubkov failed. Hearing that he got a call from “MK”, he immediately hung up.


— unfortunately, today, guardianship, who are obliged to protect the rights of children does not always protect the interests of the child and be on the side of one of the parents, stronger and more secured, or are based on the maxims “as if something happened.” To ensure that the situation has changed, it is important to change the law and the system of training of employees of bodies of guardianship. And such fateful decisions in the life of others: will the child grow up in the home of his parents, whether the mother to see his son, the people decide that no one and specially not seriously teach. There is no such basic training for those who are in custody. Questions to the current legislation, which provides a system where not disclosed concepts of the interests of the child, is not at all risk assessment procedures, which is applied to the child of being separated from close adult. Child law, in fact, move the thing, and the guardianship itself is so often perceived — as regulators move. On completely subjective principles.

the Situation when the child is separated from parent is unable to communicate with him, if the parent does not inflict any serious harm, should not in principle exist. Adults are required to resolve issues among themselves without dragging the child in them.


— feminine terribly sorry for the child and mother, but the problem is that mom and dad little Rodion don’t want to share the son with the other parent. Unfortunately, each of them has compromised themselves in this story of extreme solutions. The father took away the child from mother, but she took out son out of the country with a specific objective to avoid transfer of the boy to the father. Both parents are unable to agree, they lost trust in each other, so the settlement agreement — not their way. Because parents have equal rights, to determine the order of communication with the child’s mother Rodion has the right at least every day to come to her son, but there is no mechanism to force the father to give the child to communicate.

In our country at the forefront in the resolution of such conflicts are not the rights and interests of the parents and the child’s right to a peaceful and prosperous childhood. PErspective of this case — in the judicial determination of order of communication with the child for the parent living apart. Then the execution of the judgment, it will be possible to connect the bodies of guardianship and guardianship, as well as the Federal bailiffs ‘ service, which can use coercive measures. If the father does not provide child to communicate to the mother or Vice versa, as is more common, can be applied the sanctions, which take effect when the failure to enforce the judgments of any court: fines, restriction of rights, etc.

after 4 years, Rodion 10 years will be executed, and then the judge will ask the parent he prefers to stay. But he would vote in favor of the mother, if his mind will not be inverted father. Practice shows that when mothers have the willpower to let go and go into free communication, they eventually win.