In the Donbas was the first day podkarantinnoy indulgence – the self-proclaimed DNR opened on leaving your checkpoint in Olenivka. During a pandemic Donetsk are closed tightly not only from Kiev, but also from Lugansk .

From June 22 began a new countdown. Decision Denis Pushilin quarantine weakened – in the Donetsk and Torez again playing football across the line of contact Monday allowed observers of the OSCE Monitoring mission. The international Red Cross and these same observers have personally followed a pass wanting to travel on the territory controlled by Ukraine. Wishing has accumulated a lot – they even created a group in Telegram-channel “Forgotten in the DNI-direction Ukraine”, which included about a thousand people. Hundreds of them rushed in the morning Monday in the direction of Mariupol.

the Intrigue that was – Ukraine from June 10, defiantly opened KPVV “Marinka” that on the route Zaporozhye – Dnepr. And the authorities of the DNI for such provocations to respond and KPVV Aleksandrovka in Zaporizka the track open, June 22, was working a checkpoint on the Mariupol road closed from the Ukrainian side. That is, the exit from the territory of the DNI is, and the entrance from the Ukrainian side is no.

However, on the morning of the 22nd the command of the Ukrainian Operations of the combined forces went and opened the road and began to accept people. In Elenovka Donetsk people lined up to Ukrainian KPVV “Novotroitsk” for dinner and got a dozen cars. Check from Donetsk there is a carefully, long and slowly – checking things, remove fingerprints, all departing writing the obligation not to return back to the DNI, is a struggle with the coronavirus.

On the Ukrainian side their problems – temperature screening and the “property qualification”: adults must be in the hands of a modern smartphone loaded with a special program of surveillance of a passing observation. That is, each should not only give a commitment to isolate themselves for 14 days, but be prepared that the observance of quarantine will observe national police of Ukraine. Of the first five cars to get to the Ukrainian KPVV, three turned back.

Many thousands of elderly people still use push-button phones, the Internet don’t know the three retired from their number came and went KPVV to Donetsk. Walk. Two women and a man went with a bag of 6 kilometers in the rain home in Makeyevka and Donetsk.

Usually across the line of contact were made just over a million crossings per month, for a while now at the point of release is being followed by hundreds of thousands of people and make its far-reaching conclusions. Videos from revolting in PPC “Elenovka” elderly people who were able to drive on a passing bus and was not greeted by the usual passengersky transport to the Ukrainian checkpoint, already went for a walk on the Internet.

Now the Ukrainian side is trying to get through and the hundreds of schoolchildren who will pass an independent test for admission into Ukrainian universities. In the last year from two self-proclaimed republics they were about two thousand.

Today the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky issued, fully exempting the graduates from the occupied territories from the examinations for admission to Ukrainian universities.