Babkina came out of the coma and asked about the parade

Concert Director of the singer Nadezhda Babkina, who is undergoing treatment for double pneumonia, Sergei Peas announced that he had spoken with the star performer. According to him, the singer herself had gained him that a clear sign she was better.

According to Sergei Peas, the voice of “Cossack Nadi” chipper. It is configured positively. The first thing asked Babkin, will congratulate members of her theatre granddaughter Martha, whose birthday is coming up. Sergey Pea assured the girl her charges, of course, will not forget.

A lot of questions Babkina asked about his theatre. Concert Director assured that all the artists are rehearsing on remote and recorded especially for her the stick with the numbers.

By the way, Babkina was surprised to learn that the celebration of Victory Day this year due to the coronavirus transferred. Star wondered, will there be a military parade. Unfortunately, it had to be postponed. As said Sergey Peas in the house at the grandmother have a TV, but she is not looking. Doesn’t want to worry unnecessarily, reports “MK”.