Muscovites research on coronavirus are popular, especially to the immune system that many hope suddenly had no symptoms and can live quieter? Therefore, the record of testing is painted on two weeks forward. To be tested to one of the 30 city clinics, per day there have time to spend 5 thousand tests. Opened the diagnostics Department on coronavirus infection in the largest laboratories of the country in the research Institute named after N. In. Sklifosofskiy.

“Most of the work is automated, says the secret to the high performance of the head of Department of laboratory diagnostics Michael short Years. Modern automatic analyzers perform basic and routine part of the job. They work around the clock, seven days a week. In addition to high precision machines results ensure the safety of staff, since taking on the most dangerous section of the work.”

Automatic analyzers share the incoming samples of the macromolecule RNA, preparing them for the final procedure in the detection of coronavirus. According to Gudkova, a laboratory where research is carried out 100-200 a day on the allocation of RNA are considered to be strong, against this background, the laboratory Sklifa looks factory Assembly line. On the same line here, do the tests for coronavirus, on the other – check the presence of antibodies with an accuracy of 95-97 percent.

under the supervision of a physician clinical diagnostic laboratory Veronica Melnikova in early may, a positive result was every second, the virus is now confirmed by 15-20 percent. Within three days of the test results for antibodies people can see in their electronic medical records.