Interesting news came from the Apennines. According to Italian media, the matches last 12 rounds of Serie a And, after the restart of the tournament will be held every day to be able to finish the competition prior to 2 August (the renewal is scheduled for June 20).

At the same games for television and clubs will begin at different times. On Mondays and Thursdays meeting will start at 21.00 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 19.00 and 21.00. Every Friday there will be one match at 21.00, and on Saturdays and Sundays – three: at 17.15, 19.30 and 21.45.

– Return “Serie A” – a message of hope for the whole country. Happy and satisfied by this result. Our project has a great responsibility because it involves all professional football in the country with lots of “A”, “B” and “C,” – said the President of Federation of football of Italy Gabriele Gravina.

If the season in the top flight is interrupted repeatedly, it will leave the format of the playoffs. Mini-tournament will be played between teams from the top and bottom of the table “Serie A”. Thus will determine the clubs that will receive upgrades and fly in the lower League. If the tournaments are complete, the final positions of the teams will be chosen by a special correction factors.

In the week it was officially announced that the season in the English Premier League (EPL) will resume June 17 postponed matches 28-go tour: “Manchester city” – “Arsenal” and “Aston Villa” – “Sheffield United”.

All meetings remaining until the end of the season of nine rounds will be held without spectators. However, five of these games can pass on a neutral field.

after talks between the leaders of the Premier League and the police, it was decided that most matches will take home stadiums of the teams, but some must be on neutral territory. We are talking about the following matches: “Manchester city” – “Liverpool”, “Manchester city” – “Newcastle”, “Manchester United” – “Sheffield United”, “Newcastle” – “Liverpool” and “Everton” – “Liverpool”. Also on a neutral field can be held any meeting where the leader of the championship Liverpool can win the League title, if this does not happen in the game against Everton.

By the way, the head of the Premier League Richard masters expressed the hope that next season the fans will be back on the podium.

– Nobody yet knows when fans will once again fill stadiums. But in the Premier League and the club is optimistic that in the new season we will see them in the arenas. This can happen in stages. We aspire to it, – said masters.

Meanwhile, another step towards the League title in Germany made the “Bavaria”. After the resumption of the season Bayern have won all four meetings with a total score of 13:2. In the 29th round, Robert Lewandowski and company show off in “fortune” (düsseldorf) by sending to the opponent’s five unanswered goals – 5:0.

“Bavaria” wild child��eh from the competition by ten points. In five rounds before the end championship. As for the Bundesliga’s top scorer Lewandowski, for his goals in the game with the “Fortuna” became the 28th and 29th this season. The pole became the sole leader in the race for the “Golden boot” (prize, annually awarded to the best sniper of the national leagues of the countries entering into UEFA. – Approx. “RG”), leaving behind forward Roman “Latium” Ciro Immobile (27 goals).

Due to the result of the match with the “fortune” record set tie, Bayern Hans-Dieter flick. This win was his 22nd in the starting 25 games as head coach of Bayern. The flick surpassed the achievement of Josep Guardiola, whose assets had 21 wins in the first 25 matches in Bayern.

an Unusual way to make up for the lack of spectators was invented in Denmark. Fans of football in this country called for the first match after the resumption of the season between the “Aarhus” and “Randers” using the platform Zoom. The stream of fans organized a “Aarhus”.

the stadium has installed three screens with a total area of 120 square meters, on which during the meeting showed the fans. One monitor was for those who support the owners, the second – guest, and the third for neutral spectators. The match was allocated ten thousand tickets. Because Zoom does not allow a conference with so many participants, people were divided into 556 conferences for 18 people each.

According to head of the media Department “Aarhus” Soren Carlsen, on the implementation of the project took weeks of preparation. “I’ve never been so busy before the game. And it’s funny because the spectators in the stands it was not,” said Carlsen.

Lokomotiv Moscow said goodbye to the now former head coach of the team Yury Semin, whose contract with the club expired on the eve of may 31.

– Today is the last day of Yuri Semin as the head coach of “Locomotive”. The first game in Europe and the first trophies, first medal and first championship. He left to go back and re-do the “locomotive” first! We are not saying goodbye to Yuri Semin, and say to him: “Thanks, p.”, – stated in the message in Twitter of the capital club.

in Addition to gratitude for the work of Semin, “the locomotive” appealed to the fans and asked them to write letters to Yuri Pavlovich. In total Syomin was the chief coach of “railway” for 24 years. Over the years, Muscovites have won 13 trophies.