on the night of August 13, will be the most beautiful star of the year – Perseid meteor shower. This year is expected to 110 meteors per hour under clear skies.

Every year in August you can see without any optical devices is a beautiful astronomical phenomenon known as the “August stars”. Hundreds of “shooting stars” will appear from the constellation Perseus: they are formed as a result of the passage of the Earth through the plume of dust particles released once the comet swift-Tuttle (period of complete revolution of the comet is 135 years old, the last time she was close to the Ground in December 1992). The smallest particles are often the size of a pin to penetrate the atmosphere with a speed of 216 000 kilometers per hour and at altitudes of 80 to 100 kilometers burned, forming a “star rain”. Its intensity gradually increases, reaches a peak and gradually falls.

the Discoverer of the annual meteor shower called the Perseid Belgian Adolphe Ketele: he told about this show in August 1835.

by the Way, in Europe, the Perseids are called “Lawrence’s Tears” – named after St. Lawrence, who died a Martyr 10 August 258. According to legend, on this day, poured hot tears Holy.

For observing the Perseids enough sun beds or sleeping Mat and a good review. And best of all enjoy the beautiful astronomical phenomenon away from the cities, flooded by artificial light.