the Law stipulates that the FSB does not have the right to disclose not only the public or service, but also trade secrets, the disclosure of which may endanger their own safety bodies of the Federal security service, or damage their reputation.

In fact, this concerns mainly the relations of former intelligence officers with journalists. Now even after the service, they will not be able to tell about their secret activities without the permission and examination by the FSB. Current employees now have the right to communicate with the media without permission. Independence in this issue threatens employees with serious sanctions including dismissal.

As noted in the accompanying documents to the law prepared for the open publication of informational materials concerning activities of security bodies, will be subject to expert assessment in those bodies, to determine the presence (absence) it is possible damage to the reputation of the security services. The only exception will be official news reports of the intelligence agencies.

According to the law, the list requires examination of the information and the procedure for conducting expert evaluation of information materials on the activities of the security agencies are determined by the head of the Federal body of Executive power in the field of security.