In Monaco you can be born in a normal family and do normal things: to work in a state institution, to carry children to school, to spend the evening with relatives. But you can build a successful business and to bathe in luxury, with which is associated a small country, about 30 percent consists of millionaires.

How the life of residents convenient and Principality than entertain themselves with the oligarchs and their children who move here from all over the world to understand”.ru”.

lifestyle of the rich in the state on the coast of the Mediterranean sea — a party on a private yacht, private clubs and dinners in Michelin-starred restaurants. During the season — with a Pink ball in March, to gala on the boat in September and in Monaco on private helicopters and airplanes flying in the elite from around the world. Flights arrive at the international airport of Cote d Azur in nice, after which the millionaires get to the Principality on luxury cars. In a small country of big names and huge Bank accounts solve much appearance and communication. Determine the status of the clothing, transportation and social circle.

Since 2005, the Monaco, which is home to 38 thousand people, manages the 62-year-old Prince albert II. He lives in a luxurious Palace, flying on a private jet and owns a Museum of sports and retro cars.

Gregoire Hubbub, the Butler of the Prince family, told one of the British media that albert II keeps in his cellar, 15 thousand bottles of expensive wine worth up to 30 thousand euros. “This is the best wine they can find. A very rare”, he explained.

it is Noteworthy that Monaco indigenous inhabitants of Monaco — not so much. They are born in the hospital Princess grace — the main and only public hospital of the country, named after the Princess of Monaco, American actress grace Kelly.

She and Prince Rainier III of Monaco met at the Cannes film festival in 1955, after which Rainier went to Philadelphia to ask for the hand of grace from her parents. A couple of weeks in Monaco, the ceremony of marriage, have turned Hollywood star to Princess of Monaco.

it is Known that in the hospital gave birth to twins, the current Princess of Monaco Charlene. Conditions in the hospital are the same for all regardless of status: the days of the contents in the chamber are 400 euros. In addition to a separate room with a terrace with sea views the price includes food and personal maid.

Special terms are only Monegasque to them within two days all the costs of childbirth are covered by the state. In addition, the indigenous people paid a thousand euros for each newborn child.

there are few who deliberately obtains a higher education. Mainly high school graduates from ��FLS to work in tourism or hospitality. It is known that at the International University of Monaco in addition to faculties of business and Finance is one of a kind specialty — management of luxury. The graduates of this faculty become managers in car showrooms premium managers in five-star hotels and casinos, experts in the jewelry and other professionals that are in demand in the world of luxury.

the Epicenter of luxury is a casino in Monte Carlo, where they filmed some episodes of the film about James bond. Before the advent of the casino of Monaco was the poorest state in which to grow and sell olives. But when in the middle of the XIX century here was opened casino, money flooded into the country river. It is noteworthy that the visitors to play casino is prohibited. The reason is simple: government support of indigenous people and not allow them to lose their money in pursuit of the jackpot.

Another important event for the global elite is Grand Prix Monaco is a race “Formula-1” on the highway Monte Carlo, which has been held annually (with rare exceptions) since 1950. Every may, celebrities such as David Beckham, Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber and Kylie Minogue, are coming to the Principality to attend the event.

“we all Have a supercar. This small country is incredible: so Sunny, so beautiful, so protected. Monaco is both a place for business and pleasure. But if you want to get to the best events, sit at the best tables and meet the right people, it is necessary someone to know. Communication is necessary here,” — said in an interview for Tatler, the millionaire former head of commands “Formulas-1” Flavio Briatore. At the time, the owner met models Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum.

Among the residents of the Principality, there are Russian. For example, a businessman and billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, the former owner of “Uralkali”. It is known that he owns the football club Monaco, Vice President of which is a former diplomat Vadim Vasilyev.

the Businessman Vasily Klyukin, who in 2003 acquired a small Bank, renaming it “Sovcombank” and brought in a hundred of the largest banks of Russia, the Principality took a futuristic design of yachts and skyscrapers. Former businessman interested in art and maintains a friendly relationship with Prince albert and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Residents of the state have also become a double Olympic champion vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva and tennis player Dinara Safina.

All of these people appear in the company of Prince albert II on the most iconic events including the boat show Monaco Yacht Show, where every year celebrities and billionaires from all over the world to see the latest news of luxury yachting. It is noteworthy that in Monaco you can not go sailing without a certificate of the rescuer.

the state has no income tax, this is what attracts businessmen and the wealthy. Another reason for the mass influx of millionaires is security. In Monaco decided not to worry about somebody can hijack the car or Rob a yacht: at every corner can see surveillance cameras, which are carefully monitored by specially trained people.

In this unique country with the highest density of police officers per capita. Because of this there is very low crime, and in prison fall mainly small bullies and crooks.

due To the fact that wanting to become a resident of Monaco every year becomes more, the government has established a stringent system of selection. The country allowed only those who could prove the origin of their multi-million dollar revenues.

For example, Princess Camilla of Bourbon originally from Italy, moved to Monaco more than 20 years ago after she married Prince Carlo, member of the Spanish Royal family. She lives in a mansion with its own cinema, gym, Spa. In her house there is a huge aquarium with piranhas. By the way, a square meter of housing in Monaco is not less than 50 thousand euros.

According to Camille in Monaco is never boring evenings, and for one night to attend several events.

the widow of the heir to the famous producer of alcoholic beverages Bacardi, producer Monika Bacardi, is also 20 years old and lives in Monaco. “Here we have the Hotel de Paris, yacht club, shopping center with boutiques of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Celine, Bvlgari, Cartier, Dior — whatever you want,” he expressed it in an interview for the same publication.

Bacardi mentioned Métropole Shopping Monte-Carlo upscale underground shopping centre with 80 boutiques luxury located in few steps from the famous casino. According to local residents, in Monte Carlo difficult to find shops budget apparel brands, is that Zara and Nike.

it is Noted that a Suite with a private pool in the mentioned hotel costs 39 thousand euros per night.

a Luxurious life in Monaco leads and young people. So, 21-year-old granddaughter of grace Kelly Camille Gottlieb dressed in designer clothes, traveling, spending time by the private pool and relaxing in five-star hotels, showing the joy in his life in social networks.

in his time In Monaco and moved the famous Italian entrepreneur Michele Ferrero, known for its “sweet Empire” Ferrero. One of the richest businessmen of Italy has taken over the control�� candy company his father Pietro Ferrero in 1957, and since then, the sweets market is difficult to compete with the authority of Ferrero. Today, the Ferrero Group includes such brands as Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Rafaello and Kinder. Ferrero passed away at the Hospital Princess grace in Monaco at the age of 89 years. At the funeral ceremony was attended by the Prince albert II.

the State where every third person has on account of a fortune, is just a two square kilometer area. Consequently, members of a secular society regularly see each other not only for the sake of maintaining business and friendly relations, but also to extract from experience the maximum benefit. Prince albert II is no exception. In 2013, a former adviser to the Prince of Monaco, Robert Eringer in an interview with “Radio Liberty” said that albert has formed around the circle of people who make money.

“Being the head of intelligence of albert II, I came to the conclusion that most of his friends and even employees traded close to him. Literally took money for the party invitation, which suggested the presence of albert. If I remember correctly, there were 62, maybe 65 Russian permanent residents — said Eringer. — Most, of course, dear people, but my concern was the Russians, whose hands in blood, laundered money, had connections with crime at a high level. The worry was that the Russian mafia has discovered Monaco as a place to launder money.”

However, the head of Monaco supports communication with residents of the state, leads friendship with the celebrities and accepting gifts not only from friends but also from the grateful residents of the Principality. Out of courtesy.

Aysel aubova