Press-Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov denied media reports about the new appeal of President Vladimir Putin to the Russians on June 29. “Monday will not be”, — he told, answering a question of journalists. While Peskov did not rule out that the President will address the nation on the eve of day of voting on amendments to the Constitution.

“But you know that before an important vote is really the President appeals to Russians, so we do not exclude that before the day of voting will be an appeal. We can confirm,” — said Peskov. The date of application by the representative of the Kremlin did not name, inviting reporters to calculate it “by process of elimination, the method of deduction”.

the Upcoming President will be the fourth since the end of March. Earlier, Putin has repeatedly delivered a televised address on combating the spread of coronavirus in Russia. In his address, he introduced, extended and completed the period non-working days, and also announced measures to support the population and business.