the Average price of country houses in the suburbs stood rooted to the spot. Compared to last summer, they have not changed. The budget accommodation is sold on the South-East and East of the region.

the suburban cottages ceased to go up. Over the past six months they have increased in price only 0.3%. Now in the Moscow region in the average private house is on the market of 15.1 million rubles., — said General Director of the portal “World apartments” Pavel Lutsenko. Against the background of falling real incomes, many potential buyers to the maximum and prefer to save plots without a contract.

the highest price tags recorded in the Odintsovo and Krasnogorsk districts (see table). Excluding elitki here in the house is asking for about 49 million rubles For the same amount you can buy, for example, half-timbered house 350 sq m in Podushkino village, equipped with modern engineering systems with a large glass area, expensive decoration and furniture from Europe.

a Little cheaper, 47.4 million rubles, the average price tag in the Mytishchi district, and 45.8 mln in Istra. House for sale in Pushkin district cost an average of 33.9 million RUB is About the cost of the three-story brick house in the village Bratovshhina (450 sq. m, three bathrooms, Laundry room, garage of 95 sq m).

By tradition, the West and North suburbs are the most expensive and prestigious areas, and the East and South-East to the budget. The average price tags in the East below West 16 times. For example, the middle option in Orekhovo-Zuyevo and Voskresensky districts worth about 3 million rubles. For the money you will be offered, for example, house area of 70 sq. m with all communications and a plot of 25 acres. Third from the end of the ranking is the farthest Serebryano-prudskiy rayon (3.15 million RUB.). It is followed by Ozersky (3.5 million rubles) and high (4.1 million rubles) areas.

In the last six months more added to the price of housing in the resurrection district (+4.3 per cent). The cost of country houses has increased markedly in Podolsk (+3,8%), Chekhovskaya (+3,6%) and Yegoryevsk, Dmitrov and Leninsk (+3.4 percent each) districts. Cheaper houses in zarais’ke (-4,3%), Shatura (-3,5%), Kolomenskoye (-3,3%), Serebryano-Prudskiy (-3,1%) and Volokolamsk (-3%) regions.

“last year, the most popular lot in the country market was plots without a contract. As for houses and cottages, there is an apparent pull buyers to economatica, — said Pavel Lutsenko. — Area homes that are most in demand, decreased in the past year 100-130 sq. m. Also increased the interest of buyers to the proposals on the secondary market. Unfortunately, the program of mortgage lending for individual housing construction is not developing as fast as we would like, but this measure could support the market.”

Analysts have recorded another interesting trend for the first five years in the suburbs of sale butnew townhouses fell five times, and the supply was halved. When you save the trend of this format can leave the market altogether. Outside Moscow the average town house costs more than 25 million rubles.

As suggested by the President of the group of companies “BEST-real Estate” Grigory Poltorak, in the next six months after the collapse of the ruble real estate prices is unlikely to change significantly: “Any unexpected news, and the more negative character, leads to stupor, buyers need time to understand the situation and assess their opportunities and risks. Especially when it comes to such a large and expensive purchase like real estate.”