Andrey Arshavin is seriously concerned about their own financial Affairs. In the first place – too big, in his opinion, the costs of ex-wives and children.

August 27 in Moscow, held a hearing to reduce child support Andrei Arshavin on the three children of Yulia Baranovskaya.

Attorneys Andrew the athlete will report a decrease of income and inability to pay the money in the same amount.

As writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda, the question Baranovskaya about how her children relate to the fact that their dad is suing to give them less money, she replied:

“Children don’t think about it, he’s just dad. Another issue is that children grow up sometime”.

And 23 September in St. Petersburg will start the court eviction another ex-wife of Arshavin Alice catimini the children from the apartment.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of mom Andrew Tatyana Ivanovna. Arshavin after his divorce from Baranovskaya was to record all property to the mother.

My grandmother and father want to evict Alice from Esana and two children from his first marriage.

After a divorce, the athlete pays for Esanu alimony – about 300 thousand rubles.

Previously, Alice has already received from Tatyana Arshavina “demand eviction” from an apartment until March 1, 2020.

I wrote “the Rambler”, a former football player, "Zenith", the London “Arsenal” and Russian national team Arshavin has lived with Baranovskaya almost nine years.

Their relationship is not officially registered, however, during this period they got three children.

In September 2016 Arshavin is married to journalist Alice Catimini, in February of 2017 they had a daughter, in July of 2019 they divorced.