Ksenia Sobchak said that the rumors about inherited a gift from Moscow city hall the apartment her husband is just speculation.

Actually, Bogomolov had a long time to live in rented apartments, before he could afford to purchase housing in Moscow, informs a portal

“You should have seen this apartment. Kostya bought it yourself. There is 60 square meters. It is a long time for it,” sarcastically said presenter during an interview for the YouTube channel “Editors.”

As far as income the Xenia, she noted that, although in the eyes of the people it is almost an oligarch like Abramovich, but actually it is not nearly so.

Socialite, of course, makes good money, but no billions out of the question.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Ksenia Sobchak said :”I am certainly a rich man by the standards of the Russian Federation, but I am not an oligarch. I have a large apartment in St. Petersburg, but I don’t live there. In Moscow, I live in a small townhouse outside the city.