a Substantial proportion of buyers of real estate in Moscow could shift from one-bedroom apartments and Studio rooms. This happens because of the financial problems of the citizens at the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus, said the Agency “INKOM-real Estate”, arrived in edition “”.

Many will abandon the idea to purchase a separate housing, it will begin to actively buy in parts. This in turn will lead to a revival of the popular Soviet format of communal apartments. “We expect that on the “secondary market” of old Moscow, the demand for rooms this year will grow by 6-7 percent due to the buyers, who, because of the difficulties encountered with finances will not be able to afford separate housing. However, there is one important condition — you need to market were a sufficient number of rooms with well-exposed by the value proposition,” say the realtors.

According to their observations, many sellers are commercial vehicles housing greatly inflate prices, especially when we are talking about rooms in the centre of the capital. “If the value of the greater part of the rooms will be above market (because of the desire of sellers to benefit from increased demand) and closer to the price of the Studio and the budget “odnushki”, potential buyers will postpone a deal to accumulate funds for individual housing,” conclude the experts.

in Moscow, is currently sold for about two thousand rooms, the average lot value in the segment is 3.4 million rubles, according to “INCOM”.

Earlier, in April, analysts of “Yandex.The property” said that the format of coliving, or simply communal apartments, maybe in the near future become popular on the Russian market for rental housing.