Flight attendants several airlines have listed the most vile habits of passengers during travel. Relevant discussion on Reddit, it drew attention in the Daily Express.

So, in the words of one of the participants in the thread, the cabin crew is striking that many passengers tend to leave after a flight the clutter and garbage in the seats.

“Diapers, food, vomiting, packages. All of this stuff into any cracks, pockets on the backs of chairs and under the seats,” — said he, stressing that in this way tourists increase the number of bacteria in the cabin of the aircraft while the crew is often not enough time between flights in order to clean it.

“People often do disgusting things on folding tables: I saw how they changed them diapers, cut his toenails, and it is only a small part of it,” complained another flight attendant.

In this regard, I believe the employees of the airlines, the passengers should themselves carry out additional processing of the surrounding surfaces and not to neglect the rules of hygiene.

on 29 June, the flight attendants several airlines revealed the most annoying things passengers travel during a pandemic coronavirus. First, note flight attendants, many tourists have difficulties in the use of personal protective equipment — some take them off during the flight, put on wrong or did refuse to wear.