gentlemen, remember, this was a great movie? There is a Broadway choreographer Bob Fosse rehearsing his own death. Stunning dance, a killer number… Tragedy turns into a feast with bitter associations and metaphors. The word “jazz” has a different meaning, a more accurate translation is nonsense, nonsense, vanity, mixture, jumble, dump… You could call the movie “All that stuff”, and even that would be acceptable, but “All that jazz” sounds, of course, better, more attractive…

So let’s leave the author’s name and try to play now a kind of composition where the theme and improvisation will be revealed according to the laws of jazz music.

so, POLYPHONY on any subject.

— Covid-19. So 18 Kovalov we have already experienced?!

— I Want the Victory Day, the General saluted the ordinary. Soldier must take the parade. Why is it impossible?

— Children of Goebbels, incidentally, didn’t ask dad to kill them.

— the Soviet people… Wrote pen No. 86, drank soda for 3 pennies and lived to an average of 54 years.

Everyone says that Russia is “Gazprom”, and I am a fool to think that Russia is the Czechs.

— Dropped the price of oil. And then went up prostitutes.

— Raskolnikov for election supported women. Why would it?

Among the fools are smarter than that. And among the smartest — their assholes.

— a New way of victory. To bribe the enemy and win the war.

— No statistics are lies, and statistics!

— On the TV screen incessantly talking Talent.

My toast: “to the democracy. Without clinking glasses!”

— once again baseservice.

— Which is better — vomit the truth or a beautiful lie?

— “Russia, forward!” — “I can’t. I’m in a jam.”

— the Dictator liked to hangings if everything was fair and democratic.

Prime Minister. Very old. But as new!

— Turn people into viewers “curved air”!

“Your idea of happiness?” — “Happiness is a Park!”

to Write into the Constitution the penal code and to live by the rules.

— Why we multiply, and the people less and less?

On the way to the temple, we drink in many taverns.

— All waiting for when it will be put. Especially human rights activists.

— Say, Chernomyrdin said: “it’s Hard to make predictions. Especially for the future.”

— If you are listening, tell us all, what was not.

— Boris Pasternak called Stalin a “giant of the pre-Christian era.” Translated from Pasternak to commonly — “heathen”, and even “the heathen giant.”

— we of salt salt is not raining, and you ask why our planes are falling.

— Of two evils, we always choose evil.

— attach themselves To humanity, not people.

across the country have searched our pockets empty.

the Former cow, now beef. The former actress, now a star.

— Our people are often hiding in the crowd.

— IVA�� Ivan announced restructuring. It was called the oprichnina.

— All the oligarchs and the homeless live beyond their means.

— to Whom much is given, from him and all timem.

— Go forward in the opposite direction.

— to Buy we can. Paid in the state.

the Government has ruled, the President’s presidency, and the people narostaet.

— “Please remove me from office because of the pangs of conscience.” The signature was a fake.

— Happy is the one who no one buries.

— it Suddenly turned out that in our elite many punks.

— Another launch was not, and we have summarized the results.

One famous person invented his epitaph: “I knew that this would happen to me!”

— There are parents who don’t know where babies come from.

— He saw more than once: when bad acting is scenery cry.

— Those who are for the death penalty, at least take off the crosses!

— are Introduced as follows: “I’m a secret consultant, lover of my wife.”

— Live, in General, is good, but with gaps.

but me, I got nothing.

— Want a real life in the theater? Here’s an intermission!

the Rouble has stabilised. That is, the money is still there.

a New cult of personality is hindered by the cult of the old identity.

— Often the sound of marches muffled cries for help.

— PU! and order.

— Previously, I wrote: “the years Went by. It was getting dark”. Now, “the Years have passed. It got dark”.

— a Rating, the rating… Hitler was also a good rating. But not in Auschwitz!

— the curtain Opened, and we saw that no one could never show.

“You — I, I — you” is corruption. “You — I, I — no” is the head of corruption.

‘ who are you, masters of culture? With CRO-magnon or Neanderthals?

— Not to love Russia is a crime. But love the penalty.

— If in the desert to build communism, the year the sand will give out coupons.

— a Typo. Instead of “a hero of our time” should read “lackey our stagnation”.

— When everything is bursting at the seams, too late to learn to sew.

Young, but experienced actress asked the Director: “I Have sex scenes under the blanket or without?”

— Yes, it is impossible to cram what is impossible, but it is impossible to remove newname.

— “Shoot as much as possible”! — Christ said. “Thou shalt not kill!” — said the leader of the world proletariat. Oh, I got confused!

— Sometimes, the unbelievers closer to God than other believers.

we have beer as an appetizer.

— the Friendship of peoples in three stages: the strife, the bickering, the massacre.

— In Russia always prevent two circumstances: both.

“We stood up!” shout legless.

— If the conductor of “Parkinson”, any music will be avant-garde.

— What can we expect? The same thing, but everything is new.

Slavery as a national idea.

Even those who live in luxury, walking in the woods.

— In the theater, he discovered the bugs. All with diplomas of artists.

“the Evening Smerdyakov��” on our television.

All my life, and crawling in a hot pan with oil.

— there exists No historian who would not have revised the history.

— Life disposable.

Yesterday there was a feeling that I am slightly dead. Went to work, she’s slightly alive!

— Nonsense Essentials. Lies the second freshness. And lies in the thirty-third dimension.

— Pandemic organized gates, Maidan was organized by Soros, who has organised Mikhalkov?

— you Should remember the old Maxim: revolution Trotsky, and the answer for it will be Bronstein!

“Action is better than inaction” — this is the logic of Stoltz. Ilya Ilyich Oblomov preferred non-participation.

— “Staggered Seating”, “the Domino principle”, a “political poker”, “aces” and “six”… the Earth or the house?

— what would happen if all black people in new York lived in Moscow?

— Malevich will be lynched for the “black racism” in the painting.

— Distancing from their own people — the reason for the coronavirus power…

— All the witnesses will be partners.

— Power in politics — like abortion in the fifth grade. The news is, but would be better if it wasn’t!

“the Arrests will continue,”… Optimism is impressive!

— Our know-how. The Kara sea will now operate on diesel.

Mr. Musk! Start something running in Russia!

— In the fight for Russian language Motorola and Girkin we have ahead of Pushkin and Nabokov.

— What is common between the rehearsal and the Constitution? She and the other — a show, as amended.

— whatever is said, should be silent.

Among the aphorisms there are bestsellers.

Well, enough… but only on that note we go to the code. Last chord:

— the Vaccine against the coronavirus?.. But it would be nice to spend vaccination against other incurable diseases — for example, against Stalinism that killed a hundred thousand times more people than the pandemic.

In conclusion, I suggest all readers to connect to my jazz and to improvise on a given theme. I’m sure we’ll get a good jam session!