I know its out of a thousand. Survivors coved and now suffering from its consequences.

Among friends kolenikov 35+ there is no one who would get out of that the sores with absolutely no loss of health.

the girlfriend and has not returned sense of smell, even one completely shattered the vessels of the brain…

sorry, at the moment Russia lacks a full-fledged state program of rehabilitation after suffering COVID-19.

And as such, only officially confirmed already more than half a million, and every day becoming more…

the lucky ones to survive.

special Correspondent of “MK” has experienced what it’s like to recover from coronavirus.

Try to describe your feelings from happening, but since I’m still a journalist and therefore an Amateur, then I beg the doctors to forgive me for possible mistakes in the description of the rehabilitation techniques.


“you look like You came back from the war. Remember, there was a “Afghan syndrome” — and so do you “coveny syndrome,” look me in the eye, said one doctor-therapist. And he said he cannot assure that this will not last long.

Maybe a week. Maybe a month. And I might never be the same. Called, reassured.

this is What differentiates real doctors from homegrown “experts.” Real honestly admit that they don’t know all the consequences kovida — physiological, psychological, mental, social. Should be at least a year to present the possible prospects.

“home-grown” still trying to convince themselves and others that it’s not any worse than SARS. Is it when the usual seasonal flu need to go to rehab?

“it is Easier to say it doesn’t hurt than to list what problems after coronavirus” — a typical response of any of my “comrade in misfortune”.

Rehabilitation after coronavirus infection is essential even for patients with lung and asymptomatic disease, as carefully stated in the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova confirmed that undergoing coronavirus infection in Russia must be mandatory set long-term follow-up.

What does this mean?

Yes, former komentam, of course, require full medical support even after tests showed that they are no longer carriers of the virus. That they are healthy.

That’s just the least, it must be that we were being watched and were endless reports about how we’re good or… bad.

Better in any way than that.


Saturation 96





“We’re losing her!” ��e — that is me.

actually, no. Not losing any time.

I lie on the bed and on my face oxygen mask that covers the nose. Me oxygen. Smaller. Artificial how my light is injected in a state that usually experience sore kovid-pneumonia. A severe form. Hypoxia.

When there is nothing to breathe. All who have suffered COVID-19, remember that the saturation levels of oxygen in the blood.

the lower the indicators of saturation, the greater the lack of air experiences.

After the patient recovered, due to the reduction of the volume of the lungs — the ones glued “frosted glass” on CT the alveoli, the body still continues to receive less oxygen, produce fibrotic changes. The lungs are covered with scars-scars.

Sooner or later get used to it, people get used to everything, I, for example, and generally imperceptible, that with my breath something is wrong. Here are just climbing 2-3 flights of stairs now causing shortness of breath like I ran about three kilometers.

I reduced the saturation by artificial means, and then watched which figures a person can hold.

it felt like to climb the mountain, the less oxygen levels, the greater the peak.

Then, after five minutes of oxygen starvation, the time has come to apply pure oxygen (in my case 12% is the average — like a breath of icy Brut), and light straightened.

I was lucky. Here it is again coaching me to breathe. While lying there, thinking — how came to such a life.

on June 11, the day, was canceled when the first restrictions on the coronavirus, I became hysterical. I thought they were finished, stopped, stopped those damn govenye “swing” when the day to day, full of energy and literally flit to the next — they just can not slide from the bed. Since the onset of the disease has been almost 2.5 months.

But again, measured the temperature — 37,4. I was ready to believe that somewhere picked up a virus again, doctors in coved-hospitals confirmed that this seems quite possible, I was angry at others for things that they still do not understand the danger of the epidemic and as little children, rejoice in the fact that now can walk without masks.

But the worst thing — I no longer felt my legs. And hands as if stretched tight gloves with thin spikes on the inside.

I was perfectly able to walk and even run, fingers, despite the constant sense of tingling, it is also not lost its functionality, but in the legs was completely absent touch sensation, though their hammer Bay — no-th-th. A neurologist on the Internet — telemedicine today rocks! — having a simple tests that suggested that I had damaged the myelin sheath of nerves. It’s like insulation and electrical wires, they are responsible for the transmission speed of electrical impulse in the brain. And so, most likely, an insatiable virus ate these most of the shell. “For it is they — as a delicacy” — cheered me doctor.

Well, the majority believes that after the early stages most affected are the lungs. No way — where are subtly there and tear, cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver, Central nervous system… Yes, everything!

In my case, the cause of the complications, in this meet all the experts, I worked too much, wrote in the infection Department, then at home, someone should, according to my editor, to tell the truth about the coronavirus. Experience all for yourself. Including complications from kovida.

But I’m really tired to fall asleep, not knowing in what state a meeting tomorrow morning. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Start to look for where in our country you can go through the rehabilitation after a coronavirus, and it turned out that in droves — yet nowhere, although the same Tatyana Golikova and says that the government plans to take kolenikov under your vigilant control, at the moment, former patients, but themselves, by and large, do not need anyone.


“Rehabilitation is not offered. The words the officer said in the statement: do breathing exercises and walk more, that’s all,” says Alexander S. from Moscow.

“Rehabilitation is not offered to all, says Margaret J. — When closed hospital, suggested to hand over blood biochemistry and General analysis.

with me, sick daughter in 10 years. In the children’s clinic I openly doctor said that there was no rehabilitation of the child is not allowed. The children’s clinic generally fought hard.”

“No rehabilitation and further examinations. But twice called and persuaded to donate plasma” — shrugs Tatiana K.

And these damned reviews on the Internet are hundreds. Across Russia. On my request to the group created by survivors Kovalam: recommended one of them to recover after a serious illness, for example, to go to a rehabilitation center or possibly to obtain a free ticket to the sanatorium — the people answered very honestly and very bitter. A single positive example. The ratio is simple. Recovered, removed from the register on kavido — and thank God!

“In March adopted a decree that abolished all of the examination. So can’t even test that specifically affected in the body. As for rehabilitation, that those who were seriously ill and especially with the treatment in a hospital, it is, of course, necessary. The charge seems to be already offered by private clinics, but even in the LCA is not included. Exit: to go with complaints to specialized physicians — a cardiologist, nephrologist, etc. without regard to the coronavirus”.

“Put hypertension as a consequence and prescribed Concor from Wcassago pulse, said sign to the therapist, you can give me a referral to a cardiologist”.

“Oh, what are you talking about? What is the rehabilitation? It’s probably a joke. Drink pills and don’t worry, practice yoga, breathing exercises, will find information on the Internet.”

“the recommendations in the statement is prescribed — “ventilation”. Imagine what will happen as rehabilitation. Watching TV?”

“Good day, Catherine! Read your article in “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. We have created an international group for Russian-speaking podovinnikov. All, as you know, a lot of strange symptoms and complications. Please join us. We do not have enough publicity. Many participants discouraged and lost,” wrote from France Daria Damagehide.

In France, the peak incidence occurred in mid-March. When we have no one neither sleep nor spirit. My companion got sick on the 17th. Since then four months have passed, but the consequences of the incident are still being felt.

“In France, physicians also not yet an official Protocol for the treatment of podovinnikov. My therapist just finished medfacilities and refers to such discussions with professional interest,” explains the girl.

“a Group of “Atypical coronavirus: exchange of experience” I decided to create because I thought that I had still’s disease, and decided that this is some strange form. Later I realized that the episode is about the consequences — says Daria. — Fear, among doctors now is confusion about podovinnikov. Actually I have a very banal situation. And the problems are the same as everyone else in the group.”

Dora said that when we started the band, I thought, it will include ten people, for a very short time joined 2.5 thousand Russian-speaking patients from around the world. All coved — easy and moderate severity.

Geographic dispersion of ill participants from Ecuador, Nigeria, Switzerland, the Netherlands to Kazakhstan and Belarus.

together for quick exchange of information. Many do not understand, to what doctors to go and complain. Maybe it’s all psychosomatic, and it is necessary to treat the head? Too many inconsistencies in symptoms.

Special centres for postaveni patients already established on the basis of some European public hospitals, for Example, in France, in the Netherlands, but so far there is no common Protocol and system podhola to treatment, and rehabilitate former heavy patients, assisting others – a matter of time.

will Appear in the near future similar centers in Russia?

moderator Nastya brought together the main directions of the complications kovida and depicted in the table on the background funny paper man. More precisely not funny, and confused. What to do? How to live? Hope that the group will not last long (this is important wish written on the first page) that soon they will recover quickly and forget about their troubles, have not been realized.

Fatigue, weakness, temperature fluctuations, stray myalgia, tremor, aching, numbness of the limbs, tachycardia, blood pressure, vasculitis, autoimmune disorders… in Short, a complete kit. Another unexpected consequence kovida: damage to the thyroid gland. Young women from 35 years, never experienced any problems with the hormones, after undergoing a coronavirus, such as light, almost asymptomatic, without pneumonia, suddenly appeared in the office of the endocrinologist.

For a few months the goitre has grown to the size of quail eggs. Suffocating. Although, other than that, no symptoms. Many such cases among my acquaintances in Moscow, in France.


“Tell me, please, how to get rid of asthma attacks. Rolls like shortness of breath, heart heavy, trying to inhale deeply — does not work. Dizzy, it seems that consciousness is lost… And lasts a day or two. Since April began, before was not.”

“These standing waves… all day Yesterday was bad, before that night I could not sleep at all. Worked at the computer for five hours and fell off to sleep. The day before I felt fine, walked an hour and a half… my Husband says that he puts his mind to it all. And I can’t get up in the morning, Wake up, all my muscles are sore, in the morning sick. Speech about having to get up at eight and go to work at all. When will we be able to live a full life?”


Head of the Department of sports medicine and medical rehabilitation of the First Moscow state medical University. Sechenov, Professor Evgeny Achkasov about the rehabilitation of coronavirus patients are optimistic.

Rehabilitation after kovida differs from rehabilitation in other viral diseases?

— Until recently, the rehabilitation of patients with infectious diseases has paid very little attention. If you look at the scientific conference, basically it was about the neuro – and cardiorehabilitation, rehabilitation after injuries. But it is clear today that in the near future hundreds of thousands of people in Russia will need rehabilitation after suffering a coronavirus. And we must consider all aspects: physical therapy, nutrition, physiotherapy, and psychological support.

— What are the consequences for survivors?

— the Consequences are still unpredictable for the different bodies. First and foremost, as you know, suffered the respiratory system. Only time will tell, EUt the trend toward recovery. Man will not have enough volume of air, it will not be able to perform physical activity, is developing fatigue. It is possible that over time he will have to change jobs, so we can talk about the medical and social rehabilitation. It was officially declared that in our country were infected and had about half a million people. The real picture is, I think, significantly higher. Many people may not even seek medical help, carried the disease on their feet. Even in my professional environment are there. It is possible that they, too, need help. Many diseases do not seem to have irreversible consequences, but we see a persistent decrease of adaptive resources, which also need to recover. But there are those who have suffered coved very hard. Early rehabilitation with any infectious disease must start in the intensive care unit. At first it can be a passive exercise, then we need to start being more active. Even with well-preserved lung function prolonged bed rest leads to inactivity and muscle atrophy. All this is a long process and each person needs to pick up his program.

do you think if the state will attend to all of these seriously, whether, for example, to open a special rehabilitation kovid centers?

— I think that any rehab can do restorative treatment of such patients. With the appropriate equipment aimed at respiratory rehabilitation. Lung patients can be rehabilitated as an outpatient with the use of telemedicine technologies. I believe that in the Russian regions, in all hospitals, the doctors need to know not only how to treat but also how to rehabilitate after suffering COVID-19.

…because of the huge interest in this issue June 11, 2020 was held all-Russian forum “Medical rehabilitation for novel coronavirus infection”, in which took part — an unprecedented event — more than 3,500 people from 18 countries and 438 of the cities and towns, heard more than 20 reports were made by eight academics, four chief freelance specialist in medical rehabilitation, pulmonology and infectious diseases Ministry of health of Russia. It is clear that the presence of so many interested experts was possible because the conference was held online, while anyone can ask a question, participate in a scientific discussion.


…it Seems that once in the mansion, where today is the Center of medical rehabilitation sechenovskiy University, has a huge dance hall. Here gentlemen could circle of lovely ladies in the polonaises and waltz��.

by the Way, balls — one of the ways to train the lungs, especially for those who are not engaged in heavy physical labor… In fact, this building was originally built as a medical clinic, there was the shooting of the film “heart of a Dog” – the episode where the Professor Preobrazhenskiy Sharikova is to his colleagues.

Room for recovery exercise and medical equipment – the same former auditorium. I pedaling bike, then develop numb hands.

But the ceilings!.. But the curtains! But the rustle of vintage skirts!

These interiors have relevant thoughts and conversations.

I Watched as the morning one elderly intelligent lady, walking on the treadmill, told the accompanying nurse about the time of Napoleon.

most of all, of course, patients aged. Especially after a stroke, the young, after accidents.

After coronavirus pneumonia — I’m one. This diagnosis comes as a concomitant disease, a single line in the history of the disease.

it is said that in September in hospitals is expected massive influx postaveny patients. If, however, will be made public the decision to rehabilitate the OMS.

the Rehabilitation of the health Ministry stressed that especially in the restoration will need those who have the infection proceeded in moderate and severe forms. Medical interventions must last continuously for two to three months. In cases of the development of disabling processes on the recovery may take more than a year.

While such programs are offered by a few clinics. To rehabilitate the same privately will cost around 100 Grand a week. The price list includes a private room and four meals.

of course, if the state is not connected, afford this treatment can not all Russians, even those who desperately needs it.

…Only with years and suffering people come to the fact that health should be protected. And only when to actually do anything, or is impossible, or very difficult. Banal like the truth.

the Current epidemic has cut a way of understanding themselves what is important and what is not. Yes, none of us fault that a virus decided to take it.

But, just after surviving the disease, begin to understand how scary trying to breathe and not feel the air.

When no legs… When the temperature drops from pills and injections.

When doctors are not able to help. Because you are tired, ill, died.

But what happiness, when you get out of bed in the morning and breathe deeply. Even in a polluted Moscow. Just breathe.

in Short, who survived kovid, he will understand what is happiness — saturation 100%.