keira Knightley plays the investigator again, and again with a difficult character. Another centralities can be considered that the form, this time the post-war era, the actor is still very to face.

the set has gradually come to life. The creators of the series “the hour before dawn” began work on the project in peace, doverennoe time, but had to take a break. And after a few weeks of uncertainty and distress, in the spirit of “all is lost” film crew returned to the site. At the moment the work goes on in the halls in Moscow, but soon the shooting will be moved to Tver, where we found a nature appropriate to the aesthetics of the late forties.

Khabensky in the series the role of a police major, whom colleagues call a Satan, an officer with a heavy character, a supporter of the most rigid methods of work. We are also busy with Andrey burkovsky, Artur Smolyaninov, Agnia Ditkovskite and other movie stars.