“We made the decision to gradually withdraw the hospitals normal routine assistance”, – said on this occasion, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. The first three thousand beds of the five thousand converted will be returned to operation this week. Among them, according to the Deputy mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova, maxillofacial hospital for war veterans, municipal clinical hospital named after E. O. Mukhin, municipal clinical hospital named VP Demikhova, city clinical hospital N 31 and name Pletnev. The latter, as told by the pulmonologist Lily Kagan, flying to the aid of colleagues in Dagestan, already washes your coveny body to prepare it for other patients. Four Federal clinic, which was planned to convert a coronavirus, even decided not to touch – they will treat patients in their areas.

to simplify the admission of citizens to provide routine medical care, developed by the temporary rules. It is written, that the Muscovites whose surgery was postponed because of the pandemic, should not again waste time on paperwork. Directions for hospitalization they can take either in the clinic or in consultative-diagnostic Department of the General hospitals. No need to re-take the tests if necessary, take in the hospital. The specificity of the pandemic is that, with whatever went now people in the hospital, his first test for the coronavirus. Treatment will only commence with a negative result. A second analysis shall be made before discharge to home.

Temporary hospitals established for patients with coronavirus in Moscow at the exhibition and shopping centers, decided to freeze for a second wave of infection.

They are equipped with all the high demands of the hospital for monoinfection. We created them, to cover the situation, if there is the most difficult scenario. Did the stock of health centers to combat coronavirus. Thank God, was not required, – explained the head of the city.

“Well, if tomorrow the second wave will be if tomorrow will be a growth of morbidity? – asked the mayor a question. – In order to transfer back, it will take more than one week and not one month. Better these modern centres equipped with everything necessary to freeze and leave the case of the second wave”.

that deployed in Moscow medical power to combat coronavirus infection was used only half, the mayor said it yesterday and in the online summit of mayors of world cities.