The preferred if your phone has mobile application of the Bicycle. It is easy to find the nearest station with bikes and route. In the app, by the way, displays not only address Parking, but your location on the map. Unfortunately, in my area of textile workers, as in Russia, where I wanted to go to the nearest Park, bike rental station has not yet come. So I still can not do without public transport. Get the bus to Marino, where spotted about a dozen stations with free bikes. However, in the rainy weather, pedal hunters a little.

rental Rules are simple: register on and choose rate. Then enter the PIN-code on the handlebars of the bike, and go! As before, the access for 24 hours costs 150 rubles, for a month – 600 rubles. The most active, as I can purchase a ticket for the whole season and ride until late autumn. We have a very good suggestion: 1200 (travel for 30 free minutes) or 1500 rubles (45 minute trip). Then put the bike to the station and begin a new lease.

the Main condition of hire – be sure to wear gloves once, and after the trip to handle the steering wheel, brake handle and other parts of the bike antiseptic. I have done it all. But with 24 hour access ride only half an hour. Torrential rain caught me on the promenade in the Park of the 850 anniversary of Moscow, where I wheeled alone. Had to come back. But now I have plans for the weekend – in application found “Ideas travel”, which has already made route. For example, for nature lovers there is an offer on for 3 hours (33 km) from station No. 489 in Sokolniki, through the Catherine Park to the Avenue of the World, and then straight to the Museon are both, Gorky Park, Neskuchny garden and the finish line in the Presnensky Park station No. 221. And another cool route “Four bridges” – in half an hour you can admire the Pushkin quay, Neskuchniy garden, the cable car on the Sparrow hills, the updated “Luzhniki” and houses-books on Novy Arbat.

To travel by Bicycle and electric scooter and any other vehicle required digital pass, like the Deputy of the Moscow city Duma Maria Kiseleva.