Frankfurt President Peter Fischer apologizes publicly for his disrespectful statements about Seville after criticism from ex-Schalke player Ivan Rakitic. He also responds to an offer from the midfield strategist.

Response to criticism: Peter Fischer (66) apologizes to “Sport1” for his statement after the Europa League final. He had described Seville’s arena as “Mickey Mouse Stadium”. “The thing about the stadium doesn’t refer to this wonderful, successful club Sevilla FC, by God not. The club has my utmost respect. The statement only refers to the size and spectator capacity for this final.”

Invitation from Rakitic: Seville’s superstar Ivan Rakitic (34) is not very enthusiastic about Fischer’s statement. “That was a bit disrespectful.” At the same time, the Croatian made a proposal to Frankfurt’s president. “I hope that we can invite Mr. Fischer over so that he can take a closer look at our stadium.”

Offer accepted: Fischer reacts positively to Rakitic’s proposal. “I would love to play against him with our team, Rakitic is a great player with super fine technique. Maybe it will be enough for a glass of wine, it would definitely be an honor for me.” Whether and when the meeting will take place remains open.

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