Although Real Madrid are already interested in Eintracht coach Glasner, the club is confident that the Austrian coach can be retained.

Glasner remains: “It will depend to a certain extent on what excites him and what he wants. If he ever leaves, it’s his decision. Do I think this will happen quickly? No!” said Eintracht Frankfurt’s board spokesman, Axel Hellmann, in an interview with “Bild” about Oliver Glasner’s long-term whereabouts.

Bad past: On the other hand, Hellmann also emphasizes that Eintracht has been taught better in the past: “Although – I thought that about Kovac 2018 too…”, said the somewhat worried spokesman for the board. Niko Kovac won the DFB with Eintracht in 2018 -Pokal and moved to FC Bayern Munich at the end of the same season.

Royal interest: It is understandable that Eintracht fears for their successful coach. Rumors had been circulating in the past few days that Real Madrid were interested in Glasner as Ancelotti’s successor. But Hellmann is also self-confident in this respect: “I’m not afraid at all. One thing you must not forget: Eintracht Frankfurt is the hottest shit in Europe right now!”

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