Festival “Zerkalo” named after Andrei Tarkovsky and passing at the usual time in the Ivanovo region because of the pandemic passes online.

its advantages in the online existence is. The audience has grown significantly, and festival shows around the world. And if in normal times, it is hard to gather such interesting and engaged filmmakers, using the Internet, this is easier to achieve. The jury consisted of: German Director Fred Kelemen, who shot the famous “the Turin horse,” béla Tarr, the Russian actress Olga Sutulova, documentary filmmaker and Director of feature films Lina Chaplin, Israel, Directors Juho Kuosmanen from Finland and Petar Vulchanov of Bulgaria, the selector of the Cannes “Director’s fortnight of” Alena Shumakova from Rome.

the Jury is watching the competition program, without leaving home, and we have the opportunity to revise his work. In the program “the Films of the jury,” presents a lot of interesting, for example, the documentary film “Ballet under the bleachers” by Lina Chaplin about the daughter of operator George Rerberg filmed with Tarkovsky “Zerkalo”, – Nadezhda Timofeeva. In Israel, she created the ballet school.

the Lin studied at VGIK, and in 1976 moved with her husband from the USSR to Israel. The reason for the departure has defined so: “did not like the regime in the USSR. I’m Jewish, and it was natural to emigrate to Israel. When we left, the authorities demanded a lot of money for the education, apartment. To earn them, had to go to Dushanbe and filming. I 86 years old. It is possible to say that I’m old, but still working”.

Lena said an amazing thing: to find the money to film in Israel is difficult, but an ideological problem. But for projects that support policy, financing not get. Lina spoke about our filmmakers: “Very interesting Directors Zvyagintsev, Popogrebsky, Khlebnikov. A brilliant – Haneke, Lars von Trier, the Dardenne Tarantino”. Tarantino lives in Israel, because his wife is from there, and coronavirus detained him from us.”

Opened a series of meetings Danila Kozlovsky, who we are 2018 have not seen in new kinorabotah. Then came the film “district,” his future wife Olga Zueva. Since then a lot has happened. “In February my daughter was born. With her I spent a lot of time”, – told us the actor. When the quarantine began, Daniel was in the United States, where his wife lives. While many seemed coronavirus flu, which do not be afraid. And then he began to take on universal scope.

during this period, Kozlovsky, as he explained, there is a need to evolve and invest your time and effort in a movie with other content. It focuses on directing and producing activities, but the main role in their p��oecta continues to play himself.

After the “Coach” he made “Chernobyl”. Curiously, he was 1 year old when tragedy struck. But many things he feels good and says: “But we were born in the country”. Daniel remembered how it was dug, like at a flea market that loves plunging into the material and the evidence from that time. Compared this with the cool game and the time machine. “Chernobyl has become a brand. When I was in Ireland in the “Viking” and told colleagues that want to make a movie about Chernobyl, people understood what was going on”. Anticipating possible criticisms, explained: “we Have feature films. We did not aim to make a documentary study. The basis – the episode that happened during the accident. And then we tell the story of a fictitious family.”

Another project Kozlovsky “Karamora” is in the Assembly stage and made difficult to explain the genre “drama of comics in the genre of alternative reality.” Will be a total of three films, and then vosmiseriynogo project. Among the heroes of the Stolypin, Mayakovsky, Tolstoy, and other historical characters. They Kozlovsky intends to remove the layer of bronze dust. This is the story of an anarchist challenging the monarchy and losing love. In the new movie Danila Kozlovsky will again play a major role. According to him, this will be trenchant, uncompromising story, it is very relevant that make you think about uncomfortable questions.

But that’s not all. Will the movie idea inspired by a few literary works – “Eugene Onegin”, “the Hero of our time”, “Woe from wit”. The heroes will be there. And Lermontov, Pushkin and Tolstoy quite unable to rest in a sanatorium and to become witnesses of an unusual history. “These are my thoughts about family, relationships with children and parents, about how they are complex, beautiful, and contradictory. On succession, inheritance, genetic memory. And the genre – the musical Comedy” has finally surprised everyone with the Director of Kozlovsky.