meadow Walker children of VIN Diesel

the Movie “fast and furious” (The Fast and the Furious) was for the actors not only an important stage in my career, but something more. And when you do not become one of them, 40-year-old Paul Walker, who died in a car accident, his colleagues have taken this loss very keenly. 52-year-old VIN Diesel remembers every year with the fans of “fast and Furious” about the Field and supports his only daughter, 21-year-old meadow. Today she shared on instagram a selfie with the kids Diesel.

Together with the model Paloma Jimenez VIN raising three kids, the youngest of whom, Pauline a five-year, parents named in honor of Paul Walker.
Family forever — signed photo with the kids Diesel meadow.

meadow Walker children of VIN Diesel

Paul Walker and VIN Diesel.

a Girl and she often reminisces about her father. His death she is very upset and trying to punish a company Porsche released a car that killed Walker. Four years after the accident, the trial was completed by mutual agreement of the parties.

Judging from regularly appearing on the web pictures meadow with a family of VIN Diesel, Paul Walker’s daughter really friends with them.

Could say that it is very proud of the man you become, but the truth is that I was always proud of you. Happy birthday, meadow!.. The family made cake awaits your return, so hurry. Love you, baby. Uncle VIN,

congratulated Diesel meadow birthday last year.

VIN Diesel children

meadow Walker daughter, VIN Diesel