the Company “Trioxide” has published a poster for the second part of the sensational Russian blockbuster “Shugaley” (18+). The image to the film was dismal. Journalist Abbas Juma noted that the theme of the poster shows the plot of the film. In his Telegram-he channel wrote that would very much like to “the horror of it was only in the script”.

a Journalist from Russia, of Syrian origin, Abbas Juma specializiruetsya on the topic of international relations. Sphere of activity – the countries of the Middle East and Africa. Commenting on the first part of the film “Shugaley”, Juma said that what is happening in Libya transferred very realistic. Thanks to the film, the audience knew what was going on in the North African country, as people increase violence came from terrorist organizations. The journalist drew attention, as demonstrated in the film is not fiction, but a current reality.

after Reviewing the first part of “Shugaley”, the audience learned about the history of the Russian sociologist Maxim Shugaley and his interpreter Camera Safana. Last year they went to Tripoli to conduct sociological research. Despite the fact that their stay in Libya was sanctioned by the militants of the terrorist groups did not stop. They took Russians prisoner. More than a year to contain them in the infamous prison “Mitiga”, where they are subjected to severe tests.

Shortly before the shooting of the first part “Shugaley” in Russia held a rally in support of the social Sciences. In particular, in Moscow under the walls of the Libyan Embassy took place the pickets. Journalists, politicians, scientists, artists and teachers just care about the fate of fellow citizens is required to connect existing resources to free Shugaley and Safana.

At the moment, sociologists are still in captivity.

According to plan, the second part of “Shugaley” will be released this fall. It will be the development of the story, based on real events. Before the audience brought the shocking footage of abuse of Maxim and Samer. The film continues to tell about what the Russians have to endure something to put up in the Libyan captivity.