on the Eve of may 9 Armenia has shaken the political scandal with a historical background. The Federal share published an article about the investigation of the Armenian correspondents, which States that the grandfather of the current Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian could be quite different from what it is considered. The Prime Minister said that his ancestor was a soldier of the red Army and died in battle for his country in 1943. However, journalists, digging in open sources found other data: a Nicholas Pashinyan (the current Prime Minister bears the name of his grandfather), indeed, died in ‘ 43. But fought not on the side of the red Army, and in the Armenian Legion of the Wehrmacht with the rank of private. The holiday passed, and the Prime Minister refuted the information that gives his opponents a reason to attack.

the Opponents of Pashinian blamed the Prime Minister for not including that his ancestor fought on the wrong side (the son of the father is not the defendant, and the grandson of my grandfather – and even more so), but the fact that he hides the truth about his relative. Moreover, he invented a new biography Because before the holiday Pashinyan was posted in social networks post, which reported that his grandfather Nikolai Pashinian, born 1913, served in the 554-regiment 138-th infantry division. However, opponents of the current Prime Minister decided to verify this information through the website “memorial”, created in 2007 on the initiative of the defense Ministry. In the database of this archive website contains over 17 million documents on the deadweight losses and 20 million personal records on the dead soldiers of the red Army, including those found in the German archives. And found data on the addition of Nicholas Petrosian, born in 1913 and died in 1943 in Ukraine. The entry reads: “the Reason for disposal: Collaborated with the enemy, died.” On the same page there is another Nicholas Pashinyan patronymic A., who went missing in 1943, but, really, he served in the red army in 554 shelf. Supporters of the Prime Minister claim that this man is the grandfather of Nikol Pashinian, not the first. If Pashinyan decided to present this evidence, then his opponents would be silenced. But he does not do that maybe it will end badly. Political scandal in the country is already gaining momentum.

Silent and other official authorities of Armenia, which also gives rise to speculation. After all, it would be easier to provide the data on the grandfather. The same death notice or notice that he was missing. The problem is that he Nikol Pashinian, did not seem to know much about your ancestor. On the eve of the holiday, he said that his grandfather is extremely low: according to one, he was killed at Stalingrad, on the other – in the Crimea. By the way, it is likely that he could get into the Armenian Legion of the Wehrmacht after the propscarlet missing. After the first Pashinyan “retired” from the ranks of the red Army in February ’43, and the other died in the Ukraine in September of’ 43….

the Armenian Legion of the Wehrmacht – a tragic page in the history of the Armenian SSR, with a lot of heroes of the Soviet Union. The initial strength of this formation was about eight thousand people, and later it had reached 30 thousand. Replenishment has happened due to the red army soldiers defected to the enemy. Degli is not in good faith, and after he was captured. At the head of the Legion was a General “DRO” – Drastamat Kanayan, training instructors have been conducting the SS. Soldiers in the Legion lured standard in such cases “bait” in the form of a promise of independence of Armenia after the victory of Germany. However, in contrast to the Ukrainian and Baltic legions of Armenian anyway not turned ally, Germany. The soldiers in the case of trying again to move to the side of the red Army.

Therefore, a dubious biography of his grandfather in addition to probably would not have received such a resonance, if not for the actions of the Armenian authorities.

Why should only the big story of the statue of Garegin Nzhdeh. Its relationship with the Third Reich is well known and does not require proof, but in Armenia it is considered one of the founders of modern statehood, and therefore perpetuate the memory of it. Of course, it started under the previous government, but Nikol Pashinian, leading the country, not showing any desire to end it. Although, in fact, Nzhdeh little different from “defender of Ukrainian statehood” of Stepan Bandera. Nzhdeh began the formation of the Armenian battalions in the Wehrmacht, even with 1940, he entered the Armenian national Council, formed in Berlin. He finished his days in the famous Vladimir Central. And now, after the incident with his grandfather in Armenia looking at in addition to attempts to rehabilitate Nazi collaborators Nzhdeh, is from a different perspective. It is alarming that the Prime Minister actively uses the historical data in an attempt to prove that Nzhdeh – not a traitor but a hero.

But when it comes to his ancestor, Pashinyan does not seek to use data from many archives. Although this ability he must have.

In light of this, opponents in addition to looked differently at the last steps of the ruling party. For example, this month, deputies from the Armenian unit of “step” refused to include in the agenda a bill to raise the monthly honorary payments to veterans of the great Patriotic war. On the background of the honors that were rendered to the veterans in the CIS, it looks weird. And now some saw this as a disturbing sign.

Many are now wondering what impact the current scandal at position�� Prime Minister. On the one hand, the acts of the ancestor, the more wrong, should not influence the political future of his descendants. On the other, the silence on the situation by the Prime Minister, and even in the rewriting of history – politics is not good. Some Armenian media have even begun to accuse the authorities that they tried to make edits to archived data. So,they say , there was a second Nicholas Pashinyan. Although it is rather from the realm of “conspiracy theory”. According to some analysts, the authorities of Armenia and the reputation of its Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian could save a revision of a previous position of the Armenian authorities on the role of Garegin Nzhdeh and other steps distanciruemsa country from the acts of the Nazi henchmen.