Elena Pereverzeva, who few days ago became famous for the scandalous video, lost his position as magistrate of Toronto. Friday, may 15, Qualification Board of judges of Krasnodar territory on results of the audit of the acclaimed video has decided to terminate its powers.

In the scandalous video, the now ex-justice of the peace Elena Pereverzeva toast, calling himself a “superclock” and “sex kitten”. In this case, Elena is actively using foul language and causing gestures.

Apparently posted by someone from colleagues or friends Elena video instantly became resonant. It began to actively discuss not only ordinary users, but also lawyers, law-enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges. In the end, the video caught the attention of the Qualification Collegium of judges of the Krasnodar territory.

As the press service of the Krasnodar regional court, the inspection revealed: the magistrate court plot №181 Novokubansky district, Pereverzeva E. made a gross violation of the law “On status of judges in the Russian Federation” and the Code of judicial ethics. Pereverzev allowed himself behavior that would impair the authority of the judiciary.

the Verdict Qualifying colleagues: to terminate the powers of judges with deprivation of the 7th class qualification.

There is evidence that Pereverzeva after the incident with sensational video tried to submit his resignation. But was refused.

As told to “MK” acting magistrate, who wished to remain unknown – a decision of the Board is quite justified and understandable:

– There is a code of judicial ethics that prohibits such behavior, says colleague Pereverzeva “MK”. – On the one hand, of course, you can understand that it is a holiday, and everything that was said was in private. But we are dealing with a justice of the peace. And this behavior and verbal outburst is clearly unworthy. I would note that such behavior is dismissed not only the judges, and even assistants to judges and secretaries. Since they are civil servants and are simply obliged to behave with dignity.

on the other hand, a colleague Pereverzeva notes: the video was posted online not for herself. And it should be considered.

– Perhaps this video was uploaded with the aim to compromise your career. Because behind the scenes the competition, even among close friends, colleagues has not been canceled. A good salary by local standards, plus the situation can push enemies such action. So a deliberate “leak” in the network also can not be excluded”, – Said the interlocutor of “MK”

However, some colleagues, in contrast, referred to the divestment of the magistrate Pereverzeva measure severe.

– And I believe that the deprivation of its status of the judge the punishment disproportionate to the act! says the judge, candidate of law nAUC lion Socoro. – Girl is young, perhaps inexperienced. And then everything got caught on tape not during working hours, not during the performance of official duties. So it was enough to do the prevention, observation, and disciplinary action.

When interviewed colleagues in her work and advocates the City to comment on the situation refused. Just added: “the Board (qualifying Board of judges, which took the decision on early withdrawal of powers from Pereverzeva – MK) know better”.