About one in four confident that the pandemic COVID-19 was the invention of “stakeholders”. These data showed a poll conducted by the Directorate for expert analytical work of the HSE.

that there is no pandemic, no coronavirus, and it was invented in someone’s interests, are sure 23.2% of respondents. Another 9.6 percent believe that the danger of infection is greatly exaggerated. Most skeptical citizens and opponents of the limitations resides in the southern Federal district.

Sociologists have noted that the behavior of those who do not believe in a pandemic, is fundamentally different from those who believe in it. More than half of these skeptics(54%) go for a walk, while 43% come to visit relatives. Three-quarters of them said that to enter the self-isolation wasn’t necessary.

More than half of Russians (56%) supported the removal of restrictions, tightening spoke of 18.4%, writes RBC with reference to the study.

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