Olga, mode of isolation of the capital is valid until may 31, it is necessary already to start to prepare for the return to everyday life, to minimize the stress?

Olga Karpenko: with the Stress on the body and psyche are any dramatic changes, not only worse, but even better, for example, winning the lottery and sudden enrichment. It is necessary to consider in the transition from one mode of life to another. The positive thing in this regard is that authorities of the capital begin to inform about plans for the weakening of the isolation, so there is time to prepare.

Many will be difficult to return to normal routine. How to be?

Olga Karpenko: If we talk about temperament, then it will be hard for people with a sedentary type of nervous system – such people are difficult to adjust, to change from one mode of life to another. People of this type longer to get used to new surroundings, so it is better to enter into operation gradually.

When you return to work after a long holiday, many people will remain in fear of Contracting coronavirus. How to be?

Olga Karpenko: Fear is a natural protective reaction to danger. With this fear, it is better not to fight, but rather to observe the recommended precautions. It is very important to use masks and gloves especially. If misused protection can become a source of infection. It is important to wear a mask processed clean hands, do not touch while wearing and regularly changing them. With gloves even stricter. It is important to remove them – twisting outward. Not wear again. When removing not to come into contact with the outer surface of the gloves.

What advice would you give to parents with children?

Olga Karpenko: Parents should explain to children that the quarantine is over, and now all back to business as usual. In advance for a few days, to begin to restore mode. The first few days you should try to pick up the child early from the garden, if it is difficult for him to be there or don’t want to go there. You can save any activity or rituals that have developed during the long vacation, not just take in everyday life.

1. Is to establish a routine and adjust it as much as possible under the working timetable, if it was shot down.

2. If the working mode of living is necessary not only to gather themselves to work and children to school and kindergarten, then the whole family during the week to begin to “practice” working days: time to Wake up and have Breakfast, walk around the house and then proceed, each to his duties adults for remote work, and children to the lessons.

3. it is Important to take breaks and finish work at home PR��about the same time as on weekdays.

4. Try on a workwear – in case you unwittingly of them “grew up” during the lockdown? In this case, there is time to adjust your diet and lose a few extra pounds.

5. If the work has accumulated a lot of things, make a priority of work tasks, sketch out a plan for their implementation. Try to evenly distribute the workload and then gradually increase it.

6. Heads worth the extra time to chat with staff, see how they’re doing, hold motivational meetings to outline work plan, to take care of the access to means of protection – masks, disinfectants.