Ukraine had “a technological scandal”: as it turned out, because of the quarantine coronavirus severely hurt sales of several companies for “production of children”. Kids for foreigners to give birth to a Ukrainian surrogate mother, biological parents of newborns on a strict schedule took the kids to their Berlin, Paris and Shanghai. But then came the crashing, which in Kiev at the hotel “Venice” is accumulated from fifty babies. Video of them leaked and caused a nationwide scandal.

the Video vivid and life-affirming, recalls images from the Soviet maternity hospital early fifties of the last century – three a long row of little beds with popiskivanie newborn children, scurrying around which several nurses. First thought: “This is not the hospital!”. Second: “Why is everyone speaking English?”.

In modern nursing home, even in this capital city as Kyiv, is unable to meet the fifty babies in one day. So, for example, are born each week in all combined hospitals of such cities as Donetsk. English say in the video because this video demonstration, for the hung in their quarantine cities of customers – those who carried the children their “work” done: given birth, refused a notary from newborns, has received the agreed upon money (the benefit payment system coronavirus no influence not provided) and went home. But dads and moms for their children can not come, or, less often, are unable to go with them.

“The adult children of three months, his parents are here, and they’re in my name wrote the address, they’re from China, it has closed the first” – with a smile tells the Ukrainian Commissioner for human rights Lyudmila Denisova at a specially assembled press briefing. In Kiev are not able to go seven pairs of parents from China, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy and Spain with its nine newborns (someone born of twins). For them, Denisov is trying to get permission to leave, for other more difficult – some parents might even want to order a Charter to Kiev, but we need state permission for export during the quarantine, children, citizenship which must also reliably establish. Case sensitive – in France, Italy or Germany, surrogacy laws are not spelled out. Commercial surrogacy is banned not only in Europe but in most US States, but after the ban it in India and Thailand, Ukraine suddenly became a world center of this business.

Creek in Kiev while standing around only one of the clinic BioTexCom, her website, by the way, speaks for itself – the service is offered in 11 languages other than English and European languages there is still a Chinese, Japanese, and a version in Yiddish. Ukrainian and Russian versions of the site for future moms and dads – no. Little ��wow, as it turned out, the video with the babies in the hotel “Venice” was not secretly drained some of the nurses. According to Lyudmila Denisova, the scandal deliberately caused the Director of the clinic “to draw attention to the problem.” The video was not for the scandal, and indeed for parents, it is a strict order, power on hours, special magazines for every child, where every minute there is up to when the baby last pooped.

In the hall, something about 46 children figures from different sources vary, but Denisov clearly articulates the pipeline only works at the clinic in a month will be born 52 baby. In Ukraine, there are now “stuck” hundreds of newborns, but if “the problem can not be resolved”, then after a month and a half it will be about a thousand remained in the “exile” of infants.

Companies producing children for export, dozens. Business since 1994, when the relevant provision appeared in paragraph 2 of article 123 of “the Family code of Ukraine”, advertising of surrogacy is present not only in the Internet but on the streets of Ukrainian cities. Correspondent “MK” was removed at the time a beautiful shield recruiters of surrogate mothers in the same Mariupol, Donetsk region, a similar announcement on the selection of donors for gestation, but also for egg retrieval can be found at local poles near is numerous small companies to recruit people to work in Poland. All like the law and no longer a secret for every Ukrainian, but live with dozens of babies, collected in one room, with numbers in the thousands(!) newborns, which can “accumulate” during the quarantine, a hard hit on the brain people “to sell children”!?

But while the scandal – most powerful advertising for prospective surrogate mothers. Conditions for them in large print written on numerous websites: for carrying one child – 14 thousand Euro, if the twins – 16 thousand. If a woman stand quietly and as calmly without the “excesses” abandoned the child in the hospital (money, basically, pay after the procedure), if the second “approach” as a trusted partner, the agreed amount will pay 2 thousand Euro, for the third time – already 3 thousand. The same 2 thousand euros paid to nutrition during pregnancy, and possible prize “for good behavior” – in pregnant women taking tests for Smoking and alcohol if mom even avoid places where others smoke, they can give 1 award a thousand. Women especially, must be under the age of 35(there are firms that take the program to women and to 42) and safely give birth to one child for himself. Here is the psychological factor – a childless harder waive bred babies.

Competition forces firms to spin and to improve the conditions for potential mothers. From January 2020, for example, began to pay and during pregnancy – 9 weeks pregnant 400 euros from the company, on the 16th and 27th weeks 2 and 6 thousand – in foreign currency account from the genetic parents. In the Ukrainian provinces it is very serious money, which you can feed the family over the years.

In Europe is complicated, but sometimes an acceptable scheme for childless couples. The author of this text knows one. David and Christina (the names have been changed) are German citizens, living in a small town, six times tried to come to pregnancy through in vitro fertilization. The cost of three the first procedures for childless couples was provided by the government for each subsequent had to pay 8 thousand euros. At the beginning of the two thousandth, the family found a way for “some criminal people”. This “program” they went to Budapest, where their in vitro fertilized egg is transplanted into a surrogate mother from Ukraine. The child is “turnkey,” then worth 25 thousand euros, but when the family learned that having twins, his father decided on the incredible for law-abiding Germans step – he brought “his” surrogate mother from Western Ukraine and provided birth in Germany. About the legalization of children, the family doesn’t want to talk until now, the “criminal people” they got into debt, but paid an unscheduled 50 thousand euros.

“of Course it would be easier if everything was without any problem, officially in Kiev,” they now said “MK” modern “coronavirus” Ukrainian history of surrogate motherhood.

the Ukrainian society, this problem still needs to be realized with his hand, thousands of women every year are ready to nurture and give to strangers children. Its whether others do is a problem is not quite legal here as your heart will tell.