as An aspiring police officer has been arrested for the murder of a early on in the Hainaut Masnuy-Saint-Jean, Jurbeke) is on the 22nd of march. It is said by the public prosecutor’s office for the Mountains on Tuesday. The defendant explained to confession, ex.

The federal criminal police examined every police officer and confronted her with the elements of the study. She is well-known that the man’s life, ” says the public prosecutor’s office, with the intention to make money is to steal it. A judge still needs to decide on her arrest. She was well-known for other facts.

the knife wounds

as A home nurse, they discovered the body of a victim on the 23rd of march at 14.40 pm, at his home in Masnuy-Saint-Jean. The victim had a few of the dozens of knife wounds. His home was searched.

From the study revealed that the victim, though the day before he died. The investigators carried out a search warrant and took one day to different people.