Ilya Averbukh, Elizabeth Arzamasova

the star is the Most discussed novel of the last days is a novel 46-year-old figure skater and producer Ilya Averbukh and 25-year-old actress Elizabeth Arzamasova. Reasons to gossip a lot: of people dumbfounded and the fact that these celebrities fall for each other, and the impressive age difference (21 years).

Now all interested in the personal lives of the pair there was one more topic for gossip: alleged the relationship began many years ago when Lisa was only 17 years old. Met a couple earlier, during filming the project of the First channel “Ice and Plamen” in 2010, where Averbuch was a Director and producer, and Arzamasova member.

Ilya Averbukh in the project “Ice and fire”

Liza Arzamasova in the project “Ice and fire”

Ilya Averbukh in the project “Ice and fire”

This assumption (however, expressed in categorical language) in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” stated the host of the show “Figuru” Elena Rodina, which closely monitors the world of figure skating:

Lisa they met in 2010, she participated in the project of the First channel “Ice and fire”, where Averbuch was a Director and producer. And I’m sure their romance began in 2012, when Elijah called her for the lead in the ice show based on the animated series “Winx on ice: Return to the magical world.” It was the only case in the history of his productions, when it was rolled not a professional skater. Apparently, Averbukh gave that gift to Lisa, inviting her for the lead role in his production. Why they hid their relationship? Lisa was only 17 years old. Elijah apparently felt that society did not accept his relationship with a minor girl. Although, in my opinion, the difference in 20 years is not critical. And then Averbuch’s not old, he then and 40 years was not.

Elena Rodina convinced that Lisa convinced her boyfriend to make their relationship public in the field (“it is necessary first of all”) — because it’s ripe for a family and wants to move on. Elena stressed that she has long outgrown his screen image — “a mathlete Galina” of the fame of the actress of the TV series “Daddy’s girls”:

In her instagram recently started flickering zasypnye a bikini. Thus, it shows that he wants to be a sexual woman, not an eternal “daddy’s girl”. Besides financially Ilya Averbukh is a very wealthy man, he earned big money in the early 2000s, when it was a monopoly ice show. Next will be all according to plan — a family, a child. I heard that Ilya doesn’t want more children, it is enough a son of Martin. But I think Lisa will win this one.

Averbuhx and Arzamasova this information has not yet commented on, and are unlikely to do: personal life they prefer to protect. When their affair became known (in a Hello! got photos of the pair), they were limited to only short statements without any details (“build relationships”, said Averbukh).

But the ex-wife of producer Irina Lobacheva with whom he got divorced 13 years ago and from whom he has 16-year-old son, Martin, has already made up his mind about the new beloved Averbuch:

I think that Lisa is not as simple as it looks. Ilya, 46, and her 25, you think it’s love? I think he’s just financially successful, and therefore attracts her. I’ve never watched her TV series and movies. I don’t think she is busy now. But she’s a girl on your mind. Sometimes behaves very dramatic… Plus it directs the mother, Lisa with her very close. Let them marry, I don’t mind. Most importantly, my ex-husband did not admit her to his estate and left everything to our son,

— said Lobacheva reporters.

Ilya Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva played together in ice dancing and together they won awards (including Olympic medals), and together decided to go through life in 1995, registering the marriage. In March 2004, the couple had a son Martin. After the divorce the boy was left to live with his father, but is regularly seen with his mother.