The Style of Travel we can’t take anymore, a dream, yes. On a sunny island in the house, for example. Mila and her family live on the island of Mallorca in an apartment in a beautiful town house dating back to 1876, inclusive, green courtyard. We also have a assortment, the particular style, you can have it. Who is she?

• * * * The Madrid’s fashion designer Mila Lázaro-Carrasco (50) is married to the Scottish Fergus (50), and they have two children, Archie and Carlotta.

They live on the third floor of a stately apartment in the heart of Palma de Mallorca.

• * * * In Palma, runs Join to her own interieurboetiek. Bazaar in Palma, Instagram @bazaarpalma.

How did you end up here?

“It’s kind of a long story. I was born and raised in Madrid, but I put my career in London. There I was with my Scottish husband, Fergus, at the back. It Later moved to New York, my new werkstek. Fergus remained in London, so we have a couple of years, is forced to go again, and again reports from the Big Apple. Then, we will have a family, began to think, if only we knew all that we can to our children, as well as the quieter resorts wanted to bring up. That was in Spain. I was going to start right away in the Camper van, and Fergus was able to have the company continue to be successful.”

are A perfect match?

“That’s what we thought as well, but they are closed eilandmentaliteit was the beginning of it. As a tourist, you will notice that it is not, but the island is alive yet, a lot of time for herself. We went from an open world, where you have the birthplace of the no-tel, we understand no one thing is a in Madrid, and to have a Shot in hell at Mallorca came to look for. However, we persevered, and the love grew on both sides. Finally, we bought about a decade and a half ago in this apartment. In the meantime we will be living for twenty years in spain.”

it Was the house quiet?

“in all these years, nothing has changed. There was no bathroom, only a toilet, a bucket, some of the walls were on the verge of collapse, and the electricity to be turned up even at 120 volts. A complete renovation, so to say. Just about everything has been updated, but the format that we have to preserve it. The authentic and the floors were in pretty good shape, so we were able to recover it. Here, it’s hidden in the ceilings, stripped of their frills and balanced presentation of the bars back in place. The fireplace became a fake marble coating are redeemed, we are made of two bathrooms in the style of the apartment and all the doors have been improved.”