last Sunday it got to Puerto Rico then covered partially Cuba and Mexico.

the Sky above the West Indies and Central America darkened due huge clouds of dust brought by the wind from the African Sahara desert.

last Sunday, the cloud had reached the Puerto Rico then covered partially Cuba and Mexico.

On Guadeloupe and Martinique in the air has the thick haze over the past 10 years. In Cuba people suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases, officially warned about the increased risk to health.

Dust clouds arise like the present, when the Sahara blows out strong winds. Dust rises into the upper atmosphere and carried for thousands of kilometers. In this case, it spread to Mexico in the West and Miami in the North.

on Thursday morning, the air pollution in Miami was estimated as an average, however, the situation may deteriorate.

a Cloud moved over the Caribbean sea a few days. Its gigantic dimensions are clearly visible on satellite images.

Located in the hills of the suburbs of Caracas, Venezuela, Sunday tightened haze.

Monday the sand dust came in San Juan Puerto Rico.

Bridgetown, capital of Barbados, on the same day was covered with yellow dust.

on Wednesday, the Cubans decided to photograph the wonder — yellowed sky.

Cuban meteorologist Jose Rubiera says that in the sandy clouds blown by the wind from the Sahara, the island is not unusual, but the density current is much higher than normal.