Russian airlines received from the government nearly 10 billion rubles to compensate for the loss of passenger traffic due to the effect of coronavirus. More than 800 million rubles to three airports, including Moscow Sheremetyevo. The Federal air transport Agency has officially announced that it refused to grant the loukoster “Victory”, member of the group “Aeroflot”, because it did not meet the criteria to obtain them: “Victory” has stopped flights in April and may.Sony has announced that it has approved Russian airline subsidies for losses due to coronavirus in 38 applications by 9.75 billion. we are Talking about compensation to cover expenses for commercial transportation, performed from February to may 2020. Just Rosaviation since may 14, has received 54 applications from 40 airlines (some — several times, by months, provided that the rules of granting subsidies).Thus for the group, at least one of which is controlled by the state, and last year international passenger traffic which exceeded 20 million people (that is, only the group of “Aeroflot”), there is a separate order that she could qualify for 33.7% of the total amount of subsidies, that is, of 7.89 billion roubles “Aeroflot” and the group “Russia” and “Aurora” have already chosen this amount.The Federal air transport Agency has rejected a separate request of the airline “Victory” (also owned by Aeroflot), as it does not meet the criteria established by rules of granting subsidies. This may be due to the fact that “Victory” which in February 2020 increased transportation of passengers by 32% in March and 22% in April and may did not fly to minimize their costs.In addition, for grants on June 23, Rosaviation has addressed 52 Russian airport, who had submitted 60 applications, three of them have already approved from Sheremetyevo international Begishevo airport (Nizhnekamsk, Russia) and Kazan international airport. In General they received from the Federal budget 808,1 million rubles Total approved government subsidy for airports is 10.9 billion rubles was allocated from the reserve Fund of the government and may be spent on staff salaries and payment of insurance premiums (excluding payments to management and members of the Board of Directors), maintenance and repair of buildings, equipment and transport. The grants are allocated based 195,4 RUB for each passenger lost by airports in the second quarter of 2020 in comparison with the same period of 2019.Olga Matushenko