TASS, 1 June. American molecular biologists have defended the culture of brain cells from a new type of coronavirus with endorsed by the world health organization (who) medicines to treat hepatitis C — sofosbuvir.

Preliminary results of experiments and possible applications of this drug, the scientists described in the article, which was published by scientific electronic library bioRxiv.

“Our experiences with “models” of the brain show that sofosbuvir completely eliminates all the violations that appeared in the nervous tissue after penetration of the virus. This suggests that the drug may not only protect adults from the consequences of the virus into the brain, but also to prevent SARS-CoV-2 to get from the body of a pregnant woman to her fetus,” the scientists write.

Almost from the first days after the outbreak coronavirus infection scientists know that SARS-CoV-2 cells affects not only the lungs but also in other tissues of the body, including within the nasal mucosa, esophagus, blood vessels, and heart, and other organs.

Recently, physicians from Germany and France found that the coronavirus may not multiply inside the cells of the brain, but he can cause mass destruction and to accelerate neurodegenerative disease.

In the new study, a team of neuroscientists and molecular biologists under the guidance of Professor University of California, San Diego Ellison Muotri watched as the new type of coronavirus into miniature “models” of the brain that scientists have grown from stem cells. Due to this the researchers found to protect nerve cells of a person from such problems.

Initially, biologists have created these structures in order to test the cure for autism and other neurological disorders. However, the epidemic COVID-19 forced them to change plans. Treating the virus these “models” of the brain, biologists have studied how it interacts with neurons and tested how different antiviral drugs prevented him to penetrate into nerve cells.

in Addition, researchers found that sofosbuvir, the cure of hepatitis C has significantly reduced the proportion of infected cells and eliminated disorders in the nerve endings which gave rise to the coronavirus.

Sofosbuvir, as scientists assume, can eliminate some of the strange symptoms that have experienced many carriers of coronavirus infection, including encephalopathy, hallucinations and sudden attacks of epilepsy. In addition, the drug can protect patients from loss of taste and smell, is one of the main and first symptoms of coronavirus infection.

it Should be added that article the scientists and reviewed by independent experts and editors of scientific journals, as is usually the case in��such cases. Therefore, the conclusions from it and similar articles should be treated with caution.