A member of the club “What? Where? When?” Sergey Vivatenko said that if his colleague Alexander druz really stuck to one of the minors participating in the elite club, you must meet by law. Vivatenko spoke about the scandal involving Friends.

Friends caught in a sex scandal with a teenager

According to him, he did not hold a candle, but if the girl are not satisfied with something, she can always go to court. However, he was surprised that she would talk for a long time.

“Alexander druz always minding my own business: teaching and training. Never heard that he is a great kids coach… well, if guilty, let him judge… there Will be another scandalous accusation Friends”.

We will remind that not so long ago former member of children’s team “What? Where? When?” accused Alexander Friends of sexual harassment. According to her, when she was 16, some friends gently put his arm around her waist. Then he began to touch her breast and sent her a dirty joke. As noted by the girl, nothing of the kind, either before or after it is in your life experienced. The behavior of the expert it is called an abomination, according to “StarHit”.