Chechen authorities have returned to education in the Republic from Moscow more than 100 young people who, by moving away from home, addicted to drugs and violated public order.

State Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov met in Grozny with the return guys, the meeting was attended by the relatives of the offender, members of the clergy and law enforcement.

"Every day the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov wrote in social networks about violations of residents traveled outside the region, that, they say, have made your. Kadyrov does not divide people into friends and foes, where ever you go, you represent the Chechen people, and unworthy deeds discrediting the name of Chechen, a Muslim, and to prevent this we can’t. So we brought you back home to help and with the assistance of relatives you have realized and corrected their mistakes," said Delimkhanov at the meeting.

He noted that those guys can use detractors of Chechnya for their own purposes, and the Republic’s leadership is trying to protect the youth, to guide on the right path.

"Every self-respecting man should be ready to protect and die for their country, people, dignity and honor, but it is unacceptable to fight over some thousand-five hundred rubles, or a handful of pills, it’s a shame, and nobody will allow this, no matter where you were – in Moscow or St. Petersburg other region", – said Delimkhanov.

According to him, no one is stopping young people to study, work, develop, authorities are asking about the simple things – to monitor his behavior, do not break the law and behave with dignity in any place and under any circumstances. Delimkhanov noted that violators of the order will be returned to their homeland, where they will labor education: their uses in various works on streets of cities and districts of the Republic.

At the end of 2018 Kadyrov returned to his homeland from Moscow and got a job cleaning the streets of Grozny, a young Chechen, who in public transport threw cans of energy for sitting in front of a man with the words "Ahmad – power".