the Star of “Papa’s daughters” Elizabeth Arzamasova commented on the lively reactions of fans on her romance with choreographer figure skating Ilya Averbuch. She is troubled by “hysteria” and “unhealthy monachesimo monologues” in his Instagram account.

“why are you in such a tizzy? Well, what happened? The world never collapsed,” said Arzamasova. She admitted she reads the comments subscribers and that was surprised when people got to her with tips and recommendations about personal life, and expressed outrage at her affair.

the Actress asked to be respectful of her personal space. She recalled that a public person refusing to refute rumors about the relationship. “So what’s with this reverse “hysteria” from some of my dear subscribers, when all of a sudden there is some real information?” she asked.

on 7 July it became known that the 25-year-old Arzamasova started Dating 46-year-old Averbuch. The actress confirmed this information, refusing to disclose the details of the relationship.

Elizaveta Arzamasova known for her role of Galina Sergeevny in the TV series “Daddy’s girls”. She also starred in the movies “Mistress”, “Partner” and “Corporate” and in the TV series “the Brothers Karamazov”, “Dostoevsky”, “Catherine. Rise” and “Place under the sun.”