a Pilot auction for this scheme was held recently in Vladivostok. Company from Krasnodar won the right to build housing on the land plot of 2,7 hectares in the Bay of Patroclus is under the obligation to pass in the future, 12.7% of housing company HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation.

This is a very important measure of support for developers, says Filippov, since they do not require a large financial investment in construction at an early stage. In addition, the HOUSE.RF pre-sets the parameters for future development that meet contemporary standards for comprehensive development of territories and housing standards.

the fate of the resulting BUILDING.Of the Russian Federation the share of apartments will be solved together with the regional authorities. According to Filippov, the housing can be used to provide certain categories of citizens, for the establishment of a rental pool or just for placing on the market, depending on the vision of local authorities.

“we Have high hopes for these auctions. In the near future it is planned the involvement of land plots in turnover in Voronezh. Large areas are also planned “under share” in Novosibirsk,” – said Filippov. Also, in his opinion, it would be possible to think about realization of this scheme of large-scale construction project on the island of Russian in Vladivostok. Now, the preparation of design estimates and project plan of the territory.